Navigating ADHD and Your Period: A Comprehensive Guide ✉️

Navigating life with ADHD can be challenging, and when your period comes into play, these challenges might amplify. Discover how ADHD and your period intersect, impacting emotional and cognitive states. ????

The Impact of the Menstrual Cycle on ADHD Symptoms ✏️

The Follicular Phase: HIGHER estrogen

The initial half of your menstrual cycle, known as the Follicular Phase, often brings relief to those grappling with ADHD. ADHD symptoms recede, primarily due to the rise in estrogen levels, making this phase more manageable for those balancing ADHD and their period. ❤️

The Luteal Phase: LOWER estrogen

The luteal phase is a testament to the profound connection between ADHD and your period. With estrogen taking a backseat and progesterone rising, ADHD symptoms intensify, presenting heightened challenges. ➡️

Key Idea:

Estrogen fluctuations cause dopamine to fluctuate.

When estrogen is low dopamine is low.

When estrogen is high dopamine is high

. Symptoms of adhd worsen when estrogen is low and improve when estrogen is high. 

Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS), ADHD, and Your Period ????

When ADHD intersects with PMS, the resulting symptoms can be daunting. ADHD amplifies the typical mood swings, irritability, and cognitive challenges that many experience during their pre-menstrual phase. Many women with ADHD report exacerbated symptoms during their menstrual cycle, suggesting a potential overlap between ADHD and PMS, though specific percentages are still under investigation. ????

PMDD and ADHD and Your Period

Addtionally women with ADHD and Autism suffer from PMDD at higher rates. THis is a serious hormonal mood disorder that can cause suicidal ideation, severe mood dysregulation and even self injury. But it goes away after you pass through the few days in your cycle where you are vulnerable.

Learn more about PMDD here. 

Managing ADHD Medication During Your Period ????

For women with ADHD, hormonal fluctuations during the menstrual cycle can influence the effectiveness of ADHD medications. This underscores the significance of understanding the dynamic between ADHD and your period, especially when considering medication efficacy. Some women have even reported that stimulants, specifically amphetamines such as Adderall, are less effective during certain parts of their cycle! There is some research to back this up.  Hormonal fluctuations wreak havoc on all women, impacting their ability to function. Emotional dysregulation is even more pronounced during these times for women with ADHD. ➡️

Strategies to Relieve ADHD Symptoms during Your Period ✉️

Navigating ADHD symptoms during your menstrual cycle requires understanding and patience. Recognizing when your symptoms may peak allows you to adjust your daily activities accordingly: ⭐

Keeping track of your period somehow can really help! If you do this on a calendar, your phone, or an app, it will really benefit you, even though it can be hard.

adhd and your period

  1. Prioritize Simpler Tasks: During phases where ADHD symptoms are more pronounced, focus on less demanding tasks. For instance, instead of attempting a complex project, you might choose to organize your workspace, respond to emails, or engage in routine tasks that don’t require intense concentration. ✔️
  2. Take It Easy: It’s essential to recognize that hormonal fluctuations can significantly impact your ADHD. Give yourself permission to slow down when necessary. ????
  3. Rest and Recuperation: Your body and mind might be facing added stress during certain phases of your menstrual cycle. Listen to your body’s signals and allow yourself adequate rest. ❤️
  4. Self-compassion: Being kind to yourself is pivotal. Understand that everyone has challenging days and periods of fluctuating productivity. It’s okay to seek solace in self-care routines that nourish your wellbeing. ❤️
  5. Accommodate Yourself: Make adjustments based on how you feel. For example, if you find it challenging to focus on a day with heightened ADHD symptoms, perhaps consider setting shorter intervals of work followed by brief breaks, or using noise-cancelling headphones to minimize distractions. ✏️

Hormonal Fluctuations: ADHD and Your Period’s Effect on Executive Function and Attention ????

The luteal phase’s often disrupts executive functions, underscoring the tight-knit relationship between ADHD and your period.

You may have trouble with:



➡️emotional regulation


Seeking Support: ADHD Communities and Navigating Your Period ????

Journeying through ADHD and your period can feel isolating. However, numerous ADHD communities and resources can offer insights, ensuring you’re not navigating this path alone. Find a womens community with adhd to join and discuss these issues. ❤️

Conclusion ✉️

Dealing with ADHD and your period can be hard.  With knowledge, self-awareness, and strategic approaches,women and girls effectively manage the challenges posed by ADHD during the menstrual cycle. ⭐

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