July 25, 2024

adhd and gaslighting in the workplace

Navigating Workplace Gaslighting Tactics as Women with ADHD

In today's fast-paced business environment, the manipulative approach of workplace gaslighting has become a significant concern. This method demands more work with less support and involves psychological manipulation, which notably impacts women with ADHD.

Rise of Gaslighting Tactics in the Workplace 📈

✔️ When an employee leaves, some companies pile the extra work on the remaining staff without intending to replace the departed employee. Though this approach might not immediately affect productivity, it introduces a deceptive environment where fairness and workload balance are compromised.

Vulnerability of Women with ADHD to Workplace Manipulation 🎯

✔️ Women with ADHD often find themselves working longer and harder to meet these unrealistic expectations, often at the expense of their social lives, sleep, and family care. This excessive strain can lead to heightened anxiety, depression, and overwhelming stress.

Workplace Gaslighting: Amplifying Self-Doubt 🔄

✔️ Many driven individuals, who are also perfectionists, might already struggle with feelings of inadequacy. This issue is pronounced in women with ADHD who might adopt perfectionism as a defense mechanism. Workplace gaslighting exacerbates these feelings, making them doubt their own worth and reality, thereby pushing them to conform to often unattainable corporate standards.

Devaluation of Employees: When Corporations Disregard Individual Well-Being 💔

✔️ The modern corporate ethos, driven by numbers, frequently overlooks the human element—loyalty, experience, and qualifications are often sacrificed for the sake of extended working hours. This disregard is particularly harmful to women with ADHD, who may seek constant approval to compensate for the internalized pressure.

High Cost of Corporate Success for ADHD Women 📊

✔️ Despite the lack of support and accommodation, many women with ADHD achieve remarkable success in their careers by intensifying their efforts to cope with the demands of workplace gaslighting. However, this success often comes at a steep price, including sacrifices in personal time, mental health, and relationships.

Identifying Gaslighting Tactics for ADHD Employees 🕵️‍♀️

Understanding the signs of workplace gaslighting is crucial. Indicators include:

  • Unrealistically high productivity expectations.
  • An increasing scope of duties without corresponding support.
  • A noticeable lack of work-life balance.
  • Frequent employee turnover.

Consequences of Workplace Gaslighting on Women with ADHD 🌪️

✔️ The manipulative nature of workplace gaslighting can worsen the challenges women with ADHD face, leading to increased stress, a feeling of being overwhelmed, and difficulty managing time and tasks. This often results in a damaging cycle of self-blame and negative self-perception.

Escaping Workplace Gaslighting 🚪

For those feeling trapped by workplace gaslighting, consider these steps:

  • Update your resume with professional help.
  • Build a support network of people who encourage your career transition.
  • Dedicate specific times for job searching, possibly with a supportive friend or a 'body double' to keep you accountable.
  • Set realistic job application goals, such as sending a few resumes or cover letters each week.
  • Celebrate small victories to maintain morale.
  • Actively dismiss self-defeating thoughts.
  • Persist despite the challenges; do not let the manipulative tactics shake your confidence.

You Are Not Alone 🤝

If you are experiencing workplace gaslighting, remember that you are not alone. Reach out for support when needed and prioritize your mental health. You possess the strength to overcome these challenges and improve your professional environment.

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adhd and workplace gaslighting