What do I do?

Right now I work with women who have Adhd and anxiety in groups and  individually  and as a coach across the state lines.

I also have mini courses that you can purchase here on all topics related to Adhd and anxiety that I am currently uploading for Twelve dollars. 

I can provide THERAPY in North and South Carolina. I have 27 years of experience.

I believe the world is not friendly to neurodivergent people, and I work to help women learn how to work through these layers of shame that have been accumulated and become their authentic selves while learning the executive functioning skills they choose. 

I’ve designed this website to provide tips, support, and advice to my female clients. There is information on this website on adhd, anxiety, and depression. 

Why women with adhd and anxiety?

Women face unique obstacle obstacles in society because they are women. I believe traditional therapy styles fail to focus on the causes of their mental health struggles. 

I like to combine evidence-based techniques to empower my clients to become their authentic selves, learn to recognize their power, and tap into and trust their expertise and intuition.

This is work that I love. 

So often, it’s society that contributes to a women’s anxiety and depression but women have been made to feel like they are the problem. Learning this and practicing self compassion, learning assertiveness, doing values work and boundary setting are often keys to optimal emotional health.

I created this website for my women clients in therapy and for others who want information about how to best help themselves to feel better.  Clients often don’t know where to access accurate and good information on the internet so I designed this site for them.

I continuously add to these pages for my clients and you are welcome to all of the information. 

I rarely see new clients so I like to provide help through other my newsletters, tiktok , instagram and writings on this website. 

Please see my 
resume and about me.  

Issues which impact your ability to feel happy and in control of your life originate and are maintained through an intricate and delicate relationship between our mind,brain, body, and behavior. Our environment, life circumstances, childhood, and relationships also play a role, as do our genetics.

Depending on your level of privelege in the world and you may have varying degrees of control over these things.

For women, understanding how societal expectations have been internalized is key here.

These pages  will teach you tips that you can do (on your own or as an adjunct to therapy) to feel better.

This website may not be enough to help everyone. Depending on the severity of  what you are struggling with, for example your level of anxiety and depression you may require therapy or medication.

If you have suicidal ideation, for example, please seek help immediately.

Therapy for women with adhd and anxiety: My Philosophy

I believe we can all  learn to happier regardless of our life circumstances. My goal as a therapist is to help women with adhd and anxiety  become empowered to take back control of their lives.

Your past does not predict your future. You can begin making small changes at any moment that will impact the rest of your life. I began my therapy career with a strict adherence to evidenced based practice, CBT,  and the medical model and am very well versed in all of these treatments for anxiety, depression, and ADHD. However, I have found these fall short and may neglect the needs of women as stand alone models.  As an advanced level therapist I have come to expand my understanding of how we heal. 

Newer models have offered tremendous insight for me into healing women by exploring:

  • Our relationship with ourselves including self compassion work
  • Our relationships with others including boundary work and work on assertiveness 
  • Our relationship with being present right now rather than distracted
  • Our relationship with our bodies including embodiment work
  • Our spiritual practices whatever your particular one is including your relationship with pets and nature ( not necessarily religion which can and often has been damaging for so many of my clients)
  • The therapeutic relationship including the importance of relationship with a safe, non judgmental person who knows and understands you and  is on your side

What can I find at therapy for women with adhd and anxiety?

I will share some thoughts, ideas and tips  that help my female clients with areas of their lives that they often struggle with. 

I am interested in keeping up with ideas and research that comes out in the field of therapy for women and psychology, and sometimes it’s hard to understand. One of the goals of this website is to translate it for you as best as I can understand it! I hope that it becomes a place that helps and interests you. I hope that learning about research is helpful for you.

Do I need a therapist?

You may not need a therapist. It may be that after exploring these pages, you find it helpful.

A therapist can help you sort through and focus on what will helpand  provide you with the support and cheerleading.

I don’t often take new clients, but I am happy to try to help you find another therapist in the Charlotte, North Carolina or South Carolina area who provides therapy for women. Please feel free to reach out to me if you have questions or I can be of some service to you. If you are intrested in learning more about my work with adhd and anxiety follow me on 



@kristenmccluretherapist on tik tok

My email is Kristenlynnmcclure@gmail.com

This website is under constant construction. I am continuously adding information.  

Search my site with google custom search!

Medical information obtained from this website is not intended as a substitute for professional care. If you have or suspect you have a problem, you should consult a healthcare provider.