Kristen McClure ADHD Therapist for women


Welcome to my website.

Thanks for stopping by. Let me tell you a little about me. 

At the heart of my work, I focus on assisting women who struggle with ADHD and anxiety. My approach is particularly designed to recognize the unique set of challenges they face, often exacerbated by late diagnoses, learned masking behaviors, and an overwhelming sense of burnout. 

Whether on a one-on-one basis, in group sessions my intention is to serve as a resource for women seeking help. 

 If you’re based in North or South Carolina, I offer direct therapeutic services, built on the foundation of 27 years of professional experience. 

My passion lies in assisting neurodivergent women navigate a world that often misunderstands them. This involves guiding them in unlearning the layers of societal-induced shame and encouraging them to embrace their authentic selves while mastering the executive skills they choose to develop. 

I’ve developed this website as an accessible platform to share advice, tips, and support for my female clients. You will find extensive information on ADHD, anxiety, and depression. 


 The societal obstacles women with Adhd face are unique. And I’ve found that conventional therapeutic approaches often overlook the root causes of their mental health challenges. 


In my work, I draw on evidence-based techniques to inspire my clients to unmask their true selves, recognize their inherent strength, and build trust in their expertise and intuition. 


The world can often unfairly contribute to women’s anxiety and depression, leading to a belief that they are the problem. My goal is to help reframe this perspective, encourage self-compassion, teach self care and self accommodation, self advocacy,  emphasize value and stregnth identification, and facilitate boundary setting as important steps towards emotional well-being. 


I designed this website to assist my therapy clients and to offer valuable information for those looking to enhance their emotional health.  I wanted to create a trustworthy and continuously updated source of knowledge. 


Although I rarely take on new clients, I regularly share insights and information through newsletters, TikTok, Instagram, and articles on this website. 


Our emotional wellness is intricately tied to the complex interplay between our mind, brain, body, behavior, environment, life circumstances, relationships, and genetic makeup. 


Furthermore, our level of privilege can significantly impact our control over these factors. For women, understanding how societal expectations have been internalized is vital. 


My goal is to empower women with ADHD to regain control of their lives, regardless of their circumstances. I initially focused on evidence-based practices like CBT and the medical model in my therapy career. However, I’ve found that these methods often fall short, neglecting the unique needs of women. 


My advanced therapeutic approaches have broadened to include exploring our relationship with ourselves, others, the present moment, our bodies, and our spiritual practices (including our bonds with pets and nature). I emphasize the significance of having a supportive, non-judgmental therapeutic relationship. 


I’m dedicated to sharing thoughts, ideas, and tips that have helped my female clients navigate the areas of their lives that often pose challenges. If you’re dealing with severe struggles like high levels of anxiety, depression, or suicidal ideation, please seek help immediately – this website may not suffice. 


Regardless of your past, remember that it doesn’t have to dictate your future. Small changes can lead to big impacts. I’m here to help you take the first step towards transformation.


 I don’t often take new clients, but I am happy to try to help you find another therapist in the Charlotte, North Carolina or South Carolina area who provides therapy for women. Please feel free to reach out to me if you have questions or I can be of some service to you. If you are intrested in learning more about my work with adhd and anxiety follow me on 

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This website is under constant construction. I am continuously adding information.