Corporate Speed-Up: How Corporations Gaslight ADHD Women into Overworking

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The need for more with less has become the norm in the ever-evolving corporate world. Employees often bear the brunt of the pursuit of productivity, sacrificing their well-being for the company’s profit. This corporate speed-up has forced many employees, including women with ADHD, to take on the work of two or three people. This trend has disproportionately affected women with ADHD.

Some companies are giving extra work to remaining employees when someone leaves, without hiring a replacement. This hasn’t hurt productivity, but it raises questions about fairness and workload.

The Vulnerability of ADHD Women to Corporate Speed-up

ADHD women often feel pressure to work harder and longer to prove their worth. When corporations practice corporate speed-up, they often respond by doing this. This can lead to skipping social events, sleeping, not caring for their family, anxiety, depression,  and feeling incredibly overwhelmed.

Working too hard like this can cause women to take time off due to emotional and mental exhaustion, have episodes of depression and anxiety, and also contribute to burnout.

How Corporate Speed-up Triggers The Fear of Not Being Enough

Many high achievers and perfectionists fear inadequacy, which is reinforced by corporate culture. This can be especially hard on women with ADHD who use perfectionism as a coping mechanism. As a result, they push themselves even harder to fit into an unrealistic standard set by the corporate world.

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The Declining Value of Employees: Corporations Don’t Care About You

Today, the corporate world appears to be driven by numbers rather than the people behind them. Loyalty, experience, and qualifications are secondary to the willingness to work grueling hours. Health and well-being? Rarely a priority. This mindset aggravates the vulnerabilities of ADHD women, pushing them towards burnout and emotional exhaustion. ADHD women want to feel cared for and constantly seek approval and validation. This becomes an endless cycle for them.


The Price of Success

Despite being unsupported and unaccommodated, many adhd women are successful in the corporate world. They double down on their efforts to meet the demand caused by corporate speedup. For many, success in the corporate world comes at a high price. Women find themselves trading personal time, mental health, and even relationships to meet the ever-increasing demands of their jobs.

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How Can ADHD Women Recognize Corporate Speed-Up?

Recognizing corporate speed-up is crucial for understanding its impact on ADHD women. Here are some signs that may indicate your workplace is affected by corporate speed-up:

  1. Unrealistic productivity expectations
  2. Increased workload and responsibilities
  3. Lack of work-life balance
  4. High turnover rates

The Impact of Corporate Speed-Up on ADHD Women

The fast-paced nature of corporate speed-up can exacerbate the already present challenges of being unsupported in the workplace. It can lead to heightened stress, overwhelm, and difficulty in managing time and tasks effectively. Moreover, ADHD women may internalize the pressure and blame themselves for being unable to keep up, leading to negative self-perception.

The Trap of Corporate Speed-Up

Stress and overwhelm can make problem-solving difficult, leading to feelings of blame and shame. This can result in paralysis, making it hard to look for a new job even when it’s the right move.

Breaking Free from Corporate Speed-Up

If you’re stuck in a job where corporate speed-up is happening, here are some steps to help you break free:

  1. Brush up your resume: Find a reputable company or a friend who can help you with this.
  2. Surround yourself with cheerleaders: Find people who support your move from your current workplace.
  3. Carve out time to look at jobs: Get a friend or a ‘body double’ you can be accountable to and support you.
  4. Set a target goal: Send out a few resumes or cover letters a week and stick to it.
  5. Reward yourself: Celebrate when you have met your goal.
  6. Ignore negative thoughts: Don’t let self-defeating thoughts get in the way.
  7. Please don’t give up: Corporate speed-up can take its toll on your confidence. Don’t let it beat you.

Remember, you are not alone in this journey. Reach out for help when you need it and take steps to protect your mental well-being. You are more than capable of overcoming the challenges of corporate speed-up.

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