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End Relationship Quiz

Here is an end relationship quiz to help you decide! Do you often wonder if you should end the relationship you are currently in? Below are some areas that seem to predict relationship failure.

 Money Issues


    • Does your partner borrow money from you and not return it?

Expect you to pay even though you make the same amount of money? Have bad credit?

Receive calls from bill collectors?

 Giving and Receiving

    • Do you find yourself always being the one to compromise?

Does your partner always get their own way?

Do you feel like you may sacrifices for your partner but they don’t make sacrifices for you?

Do you feel like you are more responsible for your partner’s health, behavior and happiness then they are?



    • Do you feel like your partner is overly critical of you?

Does your partner attack you or constantly try to prove you wrong by saying negative things about you personally and your character?

When you have an argument do you find your partner turns the situation to more than it is attacking you with generalizations like “ you always do this”…………” You never do that……..”


    • Do you find that your partner attacks insults or calls you names?

Do you or your partner use body language that conveys anger or contempt on a regular basis ( sneering, looks of disgust etc)?


    • Do you feel that you respond with defensiveness to your partner because you feel the need to protect yourself?

Do you respond back to your partner with similar strategies of attacking behavior, contempt, and hurling insults because you feel you need to?

Do you feel like you have to make excuses to protect yourself?

Do you feel like it is more important to make your point to protect yourself against your partner’s attacks then to listen to your partners concerns?

When taking this end relationship quiz, keep in mind defensiveness is a predictor of trouble.

End Relationship Quiz: Stonewalling

    • Do you feel like you have to shut down or withdraw to deal with the stress in the relationship?

Do you feel like you have to stop communicating entirely with your partner to avoid conflict?

Look at the number of issues you have checked and consider their importance. The last four sections have been researched by renowned couple’s therapist, John Gottman and determined to be significant predictors that couples will fail. He outlines this in his theory “The Four Horsemen” in his book
Why Marriages Succeed or Fail and How You Can Make Yours Last You may not decide to end your relationship, but to work to save it, in which case, I would recommend this book.

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