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I am a therapist in Charlotte NC and have been working with children and teens since 1992. Please NOTE THAT I CURRENTLY HAVE A NEW WEBSITE. You can find it here.  During the last 25 years,  I have come to understand the struggle families have with getting their children good help. It hope  my website, at the link above will help you  find information and make decisions to help your child or teen. Please note that I am in the process of migrating all of these site pages here.  There may be many errors on this page as this process is finishing up. Please be patient as it is time consuming. My  new practice is focused primarily on therapy for adults, although I work with teen girls  and provide help to parents. The website still has hundreds of pages of resources and I add some everyday. Please check it out here. 

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Therapists and psychologists don't have supernatural powers. We are trained to create relationships, foster safety and trust, and teach people how to help themselves. We are also trained to interpret and utilize research - something you can do, too. Research has been done to determine what interventions and parenting strategies are most effective for childhood and adolescent anxiety and depression treatment, treatment of bipolar disorder, and other child and adolescent mental health issues. Currently my website is divided into a few sections and I add to it daily.

Child and Adolescent Anxiety

Are you worried that your child has anxiety? In this website you will find that childhood anxiety is one of the most commonly and successfully treated of all childhood diagnoses. This website will help you to identify kinds of anxiety in your child, learn about medication for child anxiety , and understand where anxiety comes from. It will also help you to learn what kind of childhood anxiety treatment and parenting techniques are helpful for child social phobiaseparation anxiety, test anxiety,  generalized anxiety disorder, and panic disorder. You can also learn about test anxiety what it looks like , here how to help your child with test anxiety. 


Obsessive Compulsive Disorder(OCD) is a unique and debilitating form of anxiety that requires a special form of childhood anxiety treatment called ERP (Exposure and Response Prevention).  In these pages, you will find information about signs of OCD and details about an OCD diagnosis as well as what some of the effects of ocd may be on your child and family.

Bipolar Disorder

While childhood anxiety treatments have been studied much and the results well documented, the same cannot be said of childhood bipolar disorder. Parents face many obstacles when seeking help for this disorder. It is difficult to get an accurate diagnosis and to  the different symptoms in toddlers and in children.  Once an accurate diagnosis is given, parents oftentimes struggle with acceptance of this condition in their children and in dealing with its impact on their lives. Understanding medications  and different kinds of bipolar disorder can also be challenging. you will likely go through stages of grief as well. 

It is often difficult and frustrating for parents to get the information and professional help they need to make decisions that are in the best interest of their child when it comes to Childhood Bipolar Disorder and Depression. Poor treatment advice, uncompassionate providers, and inappropriate or even harmful treatment plans and medications can have devastating effects on families seeking help. Special techniques are required to parent your bipolar child or your bipolar teen. Professionals often tell parents they are doing something wrong and that is why their child is sick!  They may even misdiagnosis your teen with borderline personality disorder, especially if they are cutting themselves.

Sometimes, children suffering from Childhood Bipolar Disorder may not be able to be educated in a public school setting and parents may need help deciding whether to home school your child.  You may be unhappy with the medications suggested by  your child's doctor and wonder if there are natural remedies for bipolar disorder in children. Some parents wonder about the connection between bipolar and adhd, autism, alcohol, relationships, memory loss,  and creativity. Parents will often also have questions about anger: it's causes, management, medication and even more about how to deal with it.  Information about all these things can be found in these pages.

Bipolar disorder in children is an illness that requires a high level of professional support and the collaboration of treatment providers that the patient and their family can trust. This disorder also often requires many medication trials that must be monitored carefully. As with any mental health issue, the more you learn about the disorder, the better equipped you will be able to advocate for yourself or your child.

There are also separate sections on this website for Bipolar stories and stories about bipolar toddlers, submitted by readers. 

Child and Adolescent Depression

In these pages, you will also find information on child depression, signs of child depression, social support and child depression, technology and depression, and  depression in teens. Depression in both teens and children is unique and can masquerade as other things. If you have a family history it is important to learn about depression and how it may manifest in your child. These pages will help you detect depression, and will help you learn strategies to deal with it.


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