The Best Stress Reducer Game


Many of people are looking for stress reducer game. Of course people want an easy way to reduce their stress! The trouble is there is no easy way to reduce stress. Reducing your stress must come from your own personal commitment to examine what you most value and how you think about and live your life.

There really isn’t any game you can play to reduce your stress. What you would be doing if you played a stress reducer game would be distracting yourself from your stress. Same as if you had a glass of wine, ate  a good meal or watched tv. These things will temporarily make you forget your stress, but will do nothing to reduce it!

I created this game to start you on that path of what you need to do to really help yourself with your stress. Stress is often self created. Do you ever wonder about people who have a terminal illness who seem to be handling it with such grace and bravery? These people have mastered the idea of living their life and thinking about their life in the right way. If these people are not stressed, how can any one of us think the circumstances of our life are insurmountable? Stress is mostly created by how we respond to and think about our circumstances. WE can change this, with practice and commitment to the change.

Are you ready?

Stress reducer game step one

Imagine you are at your own funeral. All of the people you love are there. Your children, your spouse, your family members your best friends and your colleagues at work. At your funeral, what do you want your spouse to say about the kind of person you were? Your children? Your friends? Your colleagues? What do you want each to say about you? Do this exercise. Spend twenty minutes completing it.

Stress reducer game step two

Look over the things you wrote in step one. Think about the stress you had today.The way you prioritize is what causes your stress.

Were the things you allowed to upset you of ultimate importance when you look at your values? Were the reactions you had, the thoughts you had , the actions you took consistent with becoming the person you want to be at your funeral?

Several years ago when I did this exercise, I learned that the things that I was allowing to cause me stress, the choices and priorities I was setting, were actually preventing me from being the person I wanted to be. I was living my life In a way that was inconsistent with my values. This created stress, and also caused me to react to unimportant things as if they were stressful.

Stress reducer game step three

On the left side of your paper make a list from your original exercise of things you can do to support becoming the person you want to become. You can write it in the form of “ I want to be a loving and a attentive husband “ for example. On the right side, make a list of all the things you are doing that are getting in the way of you meeting that goal. Spend focused time doing this.

Stress reducer game step four

Take one thing from the left column, and focus your energy on that item. Spend your day making choices based on that particular value. So, if for example, you wrote “ I want to be an efficient employee” and you find that you are spending hours at work stressing over things related to coworkers and what they think of you, you are allowing your mind to focus on something that is keeping you off track. This is where the stress comes from. Choose to refocus and to work on the goal.

Each week, you can focus on a new issue in the right column. This is an excellent stress reducer game. It is the most effective way to reduce the stress that you can control. 

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