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Monotasking Versus Multitasking

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Studies show that even small interruptions as short as 2 to 3 seconds, double the amount of task errors in participants. No one multitasks effectively, even if you think you do.

Heavy media multitaskers are unable to filter irrelevant information, organize their memories or switch from one thing to another as effectively as those who are low media multitaskers.

We have a finite number of resources in our brain that becomes depleted when we overload our brain with multitasking. Mindless scrolling on the internet is a sign that you have hit your limit.

The more you allow yourself to be distracted the more you will feel the need to be.

Work is more pleasurable when you are focused, you are less likely to make mistakes, and you are able to be calm.

How to Practice Begin monotasking in small areas.

Do 1 thing at a time

  • Play with your children
  • Read a book before sleep
  • Turn your phone off while having drinks with friends
  • Practice being fully present during a conversation.
  • Look, listen and be completely present with a loved one.
  • A phone on the table has been shown to reduce empathy between people who are in conversation.

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