How To Feel Happy


How to Feel Happy or Less Depressed: Five Quick Skills to Start Working On

Happiness and depression are certainly not the same thing, however a part of being depressed is being unhappy, and a part of being unhappy can be being depressed. Many of the things that help you to learn how to feel happy can also help you to fend off depression. There are many things that are researched that contribute to help you learn how to be happy, but below are ten skills that you can begin to cultivate today.

How to Feel Happy Tip 1

Expand your focus out from yourself. You are not the center of the universe.

People who are self focused are more likely to be unhappy. You also lose perspective on the importance of your problems . When you focus on your own thoughts, situation and emotions exclusively, you start to feel isolated and alone. You can expand your focus by spending more time with friends, asking others about their problems ,reaching out to help others and becoming involved in your community. You can also do this on a smaller scale by practicing mindfulness on a daily basis and expanding your focus out to your senses and environment.

How to Feel Happy Tip 2

Figure out what you value. Make choices based on that. No exceptions.

Do the things that you know you value and are important to you regardless of if you feel like it. If you spend your day and energy in a way that is not consistent with your values, you are going to be unfulfilled and unhappy. For example, if you value creative expression, and you are not engaging in activities that provide you with that opportunity, you are going to feel unhappy.

If you value exercise and you don’t feel like exercising and so you don’t exercise, guess what? You won’t be happy with yourself. You have to live a life consistent with your values. You have to do things you know you need to do even when you don’t feel like it. Each day small choices inconsistent with your values will lead to a less happy life.

How to Feel Happy Tip 3

Express Gratitude

Feeling grateful is a cure for unhappiness. Gratitude is incompatible with the feeling of unhappiness. Try it. Focus on the things that you have to be grateful for, think about those who are less fortunate, or think about yourself at a time when you were less fortunate. Express gratitude every day. I remind myself every day how grateful I am that I am safe. I lived in an unsafe neighborhood for a long time. That helps me to feel grateful when other things are going wrong in my environment, like my toilet breaks, or my roof leaks!

How to Feel Happy Tip 4

Make choices and start taking action.

Don’t try to figure out in your mind things you can only discover.

One of the things that we often do that we shouldn’t do is ruminate and over think. Many of us turn thoughts and ideas over and over for a long time before we act or make a decision. This leads to anxiety and avoidance. Avoidance is the root of a lot of unhappiness. If you are thinking about doing something, weigh the pros and cons to the best of your ability and make a decision. Spending too much time trying to make the perfect choice or anticipate what will happen when you can’t know won’t help! Sometimes figuring something out isn’t possible, you have to discover it. When you are at a restaurant you won’t know if you like what’s on the menu unless you order and try it.

How to feel Happy Tip 5

Live your life intentionally.

Did you ever have an argument with someone, and you lose sense of what’s happening? Like the argument is having you instead of you are having the argument? Or have you ever driven somewhere familiar and realized you have no memory of the drive itself once you reach your destination? Most of us live our lives this way. Every day when you wake up ask yourself what am I focusing on today? What will make me happier? Should I focus on practicing gratitude? Or perhaps doing the things I know I need to do whether I feel like it or not?

People often come to therapy because they have gotten off track and have handed control of their life over to circumstances. They don’t realize that by merely setting their intention each morning or evening they can begin to cultivate more happiness and satisfaction in their lives.

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