Kristen McClure Therapist's Anxiety Treatment and ADHD and Depression Updates

Every day I read and learn things that help my clients and myself. I have done this for as long as I can remember. When I first became a therapist , I used to stay late at my job so I could photocopy information from my supervisors office. This was in the 90's when computers weren't as much of a thing as they are not.

I was always a voracious reader. I am usually reading several books at a time. I collect bits of information, look for themes and patterns, am constantly looking for ways to help my clients think about their lives so they can be free from their suffering.

On these pages, I am just share bits of information that I find cool and interesting that you may or may not find helpful. Some are my thoughts and some are notes on other's thoughts.

ADHD and Stimming

TLDR: Stimming and ADHD Stimming, or self-stimulatory behavior, includes repetitive actions like hand flapping or verbal repetition to self-soothe or regulate sensory experiences. ADHD individuals engage in stimming to manage their eight senses, including proprioceptive, vestibular, and interoceptive senses, which govern body movement, balance, and internal sensations respectively. Types of Stimming: Stimming spans various senses, […]

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Creating an ADHD supportive workplace for ADHD WOMEN

  Why is Establishing an ADHD Supportive Workplace Essential for Everyone   ADHD individuals possess unique insights and strengths that, when tapped into, can immensely benefit an organization. By fostering an ADHD supportive workplace, you unlock this potential.   Research has consistently shown that diverse teams foster creativity and innovation. By welcoming ADHD individuals, different […]

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ADHD and Postpartum Depression

  Table of Contents What is the relationship between ADHD and postpartum depression? What are the statistics related to ADHD and Postpartum Depression? How can women with ADHD help themselves to be on guard for postpartum depression? How can loved ones of women with ADHD and postpartum depression support them? What treatment is available for […]

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Unraveling the Threads of Guilt: A Guide for Neurodivergent Women with ADHD

Understanding Adhd and Guilt in  Women Guilt is an emotion that arises when we perceive ourselves as having done something wrong or not meeting certain expectations. These expectations can be self-imposed or stem from societal, familial, or workplace norms. For neurodivergent women, guilt often becomes a constant companion due to their unique challenges and pressures. […]

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Navigating ADHD and Your Period: A Comprehensive Guide ✉️

Understanding the Interplay between ADHD Symptoms and Hormonal Fluctuations ???? Navigating life with ADHD can be challenging, and when your period comes into play, these challenges might amplify. Discover how ADHD and your period intersect, impacting emotional and cognitive states. ???? The Impact of the Menstrual Cycle on ADHD Symptoms ✏️ The Follicular Phase: HIGHER […]

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ADHD and Shame: Unraveling the Hidden Impact on Women’s Lives

What is the relationship between ADHD and  Shame Feelings? Throughout history, society has used shame to enforce expected behaviors. With ADHD, these societal beliefs are influenced by the media, religious beliefs ⛪, and cultural values. For instance, women with ADHD can be criticized for showing strong emotions like anger, clashing with the typical expectation of […]

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5 Things To Do To Help Yourself with ADHD and Waiting Mode

 The Struggle with Adhd and Waiting Mode   Many women with ADHD grapple with a phenomenon known as ‘waiting mode.’ “ADHD waiting mode” refers to the heightened discomfort and anxiety individuals with ADHD often feel when anticipating or waiting for something, like an event or feedback. This state can lead to preoccupation with the upcoming […]

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Empowering Insights: Understanding ADHD and Perfectionism

What are the connections between ADHD and perfectionism in women? Perfectionism is reported to be the most common “cognitive distortion” in adhd women. On the surface, it might seem like it’s, just a bad thing, but really, it’s a protective coping skill. It makes perfect sense that adhd and perfectionism are so strongly related. In […]

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The Hidden Connection: Exploring the Link Between ADHD and Smoking

Understanding the Intricate Connection Between ADHD and Smoking ADHD, a prevalent precursor to addictions including smoking, presents a complex relationship that warrants exploration. In this article, we delve deep into the intricate connection between ADHD and smoking, shedding light on why individuals with ADHD are drawn to smoking and offering guidance on how to quit. […]

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Adhd Diagnosis and Early Detection: New Research

A New Horizon in ADHD Diagnosis: The Promise of ADHD Early Detection and Tailored Intervention TLDR A new study suggests that by looking at specific patterns of brain connectivity, we might be able to identify children with ADHD more accurately than before. The researchers found two potential biomarkers that could be used to differentiate between […]

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