Kristen McClure Therapist's Anxiety Treatment and ADHD and Depression Updates

Every day I read and learn things that help my clients and myself. I have done this for as long as I can remember. When I first became a therapist , I used to stay late at my job so I could photocopy information from my supervisors office. This was in the 90's when computers weren't as much of a thing as they are not.

I was always a voracious reader. I am usually reading several books at a time. I collect bits of information, look for themes and patterns, am constantly looking for ways to help my clients think about their lives so they can be free from their suffering.

On these pages, I am just share bits of information that I find cool and interesting that you may or may not find helpful. Some are my thoughts and some are notes on other's thoughts.

ADHD and Rejection Sensitivity Dysphoria

  RSD and ADHD RSD and ADHD in Women Many people who have ADHD also suffer from rejection sensitivity dysphoria or RSD. What is RSD? – RSD is a group of traits that women with ADHD often share. Some estimates are that as many as 99 percent of ADHD’ers struggle with RSD! RSD isn’t in […]

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Adhd and Hyperfocus in women

Hyperfocus is a common symptom in ADHD women. It occurs when someone with ADHD becomes so focused on an activity that they cannot pay attention to anything else. It can also lead to problems, as hyperfocus can cause people with ADHD to miss an important deadline or neglect their relationships. Hyperfocus is also a superpower […]

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ADHD and exercise

  ADHD and Exercise Exercise is essential for women with ADHD. It will it help with attention, focus, motivation and judgment, and anxiety and depression. In an interview I watched with Linda Roggli, Dr.  John Ratey claims that especially after menopause, it helps delay the onset of cognitive decline and Alzheimer’s! Exercise also improves sleep which is […]

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Breathing Techniques for Anxiety

Breathing techniques for anxiety are often recommended by therapists as part of our treatment of patients with anxiety, although we don’t completely understand how it works and the quality of the research is somewhat lacking.Breathing techniques for anxiety are simple to learn, can be used in multiple settings, and for multiple kind of anxiety. WIlkinson […]

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ADHD and Hypersensitivity

Did you know that women seem more likely to have ADHD and hypersensitivity than men? This is something that a lot of people are not aware of. In this blog post, we will discuss the symptoms of ADHD and hypersensivity  in women, as well as how to get help if you think you may be […]

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29 Tips for women to get enough sleep.

To get a better sleep, you don’t just need to  get enough hours of rest. You also want quality slumber–the kind that helps restore your body and mind so they can keep performing at their best levels! My clients who struggle with anxiety, depression , or adhd  are surely headed towards difficulty when it comes […]

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Procrastination and anxiety in adhd women

Recently I attended a workshop by BrittFrank who wrote The Science of Stuck: Breaking Through Inertia to Find Your Path Forward.  I was struck by how she defines and treats procrasintation and find the ideas helpful for my clients with anxiety and adhd Parasympathetic and sympathetic anxiety. Britt tells us there are two  kinds of […]

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Definition and benefits of self compassion for adhd women

  Benefits of self compassion for adhd women   In this post ADHD women and why they struggle with shame What self compassion is Why self compassion helps with adhd Fears of self compassion Find out if you are self compassionate Self-compassion has been shown to be beneficial for a wide range of populations, including […]

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5 reasons why self compassion is important for women with adhd

Self compassion motivates women with adhd to be their best selves Although it seems like common sense that we will be happier if we are kind to ourselves, most of us are not. In western society, the path we think we should follow to happiness is often outside of ourselves. When we don’t accomplish the […]

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Adhd Women and Accountability Partners

Women with ADHD often struggle to stay on top of their responsibilities, leading to chaos and stress in their lives. One way to help manage your ADHD is to have an accountability partner. An accountability partner is someone who checks in with you regularly ( or who you check in with) to help you stay […]

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