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These pages will lead you to information that has to do with depression self help. There are different categories here and I have broken them down to help you navigate so you can find and learn information that will provide you with knowledge about and self-help for your depression. I am constantly adding to my website so please come back and check it out.

Depression Self Help: Do I have it and what caused it

Part of getting help with your depression may be  understanding a little bit about what kind of depression  you have and what we know about it. Learn here about why people get depression, what are the signs that you are depressed? 

Get depressed in the winter? Learn about seasonal depression, and it's causes, as well as  reverse seasonal depressionsituational depressionpostpartum depression, and its signs and symptoms. Also, learn about   severe depression and it's treatment.

Often my clients describe the physical symptoms of depression as some of the most difficult. These symptoms will trick you into thinking you are lazy.  You aren't lazy, but the depression will trick you into telling yourself you are. This  is part of the vicious cycle that fuels and feeds it. Learn how to survive depression right here.

Dealing with depression that won't go away? You like have dysthymia? Learn about it here. 

Relationships can often contribute to depression

Women often have unique patterns of depression that are often more  tied to relationships. Sometimes ending a relationship can be the key to moving you out of a depression and patterns you are stuck in. You may  keep ruminating and being unable to move past something particularly difficult or feel unable to  make a decision. It can also be mixed up with anxiety causing you to wonder which you are suffering from. It can be both! You can find some information and advice about that here as well as some help with understanding trust issues in relationships. These aren't always personal relationships but can often be work relationships exacerbated by existing in a toxic culture dominated by men or corporate speed up. Learn about emotional abuse in relationships and codependency in relationships

What can I do to help myself?

Depression Cures

Depression is a terrible illness and it hurts . It has taken so much from the lives of my clients and in therapy I want them to envision going to war with the depression, not themselves. Remember It's an illness that effects people from all walks of life, and has done so throughout history.

There are ways you can help yourself. Learn about some of what works and what doesn't here. Find info about Depression and exercise, the impact of alcohol on depressiondepression and sleeping too much, depression and natural cures, and foods you can eat to increase  serotonin, and vitamins you can take for depression.

Happiness and Self Compassion

The most important information I have learned in my 25 years as a therapist about depression is about self compassion and how to practice it and the harm self criticism .

Depending on the seriousness of your depression learning about happiness research and practices can help you be happy and feel happy. Check out some of this to see if you find it relevant and interesting. What is it to  be happy, what is the cause of happiness,how is patience and happiness related, how are money and happiness related, how can you feel happy, how do other people feel happy, can you just pretend to be happy?

 Working on how you think

One of the most common ways to work on depression is to use cognitive behavioral therapy and techniques that help you examine and explore your thoughts feelings beliefs and behavior and how they all interact to create it. In therapy I use a variety of techniques including this one. Learn a little about positive and negative thinking, and the power of your thoughts as they relate to depression.

My intention is to help you learn about your depression and how to help yourself . If you find that you need more help, please see a therapist that you feel comfortable with. Many people need more than self help. You may be one of them. Most depression, however, is treatable with  medication and therapy! I hope for you the best.

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