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Every day I read and learn things that help my clients and myself. I have done this for as long as I can remember. When I first became a therapist , I used to stay late at my job so I could photocopy information from my supervisors office. This was in the 90's when computers weren't as much of a thing as they are not. 

I was always a voracious reader. I am usually reading several books at a time. I collect bits of information, look for themes and patterns, am constantly looking for ways to help my clients think about their lives so they can be free from their suffering. 

On these pages, I am just share bits of information that I find cool and interesting that you may or may not find helpful. Some are my thoughts and some are notes on other's thoughts. 

Can you be too Generous?

Generosity is taught by all religions as a pathway to joy happiness and connectedness. Letting go of our own selfish needs, desires and narrow self centeredness begins here.

Women were taught as children that in order to be good people we need to be giving of ourselves, and so we are. We give our time, our money, our energy, our commitment our loyalty, and often to the detriment of our own welfare. Almost all of my clients find themselves in a situation where they are upset angry or resentful because they are giving too much. But generosity isn't the problem, it's generosity without boundaries....Read the Post February 26th, 2021

Fear and Good Parenting

Life is hard for Teenagers these days. They are surrounded by an unstable and unsafe political, environmental, economic, and social landscape. The inner turmoil of adolescence makes external stability an anchor which aids in navigating this tumultuous stage of life. The path to successful adulthood is no longer clear. Getting a college degree won't necessarily provide a secure future but will often lead kids into a mountain of college debt. Parents, too, are overwhelmed, anxious, and fearful....Read the Post December 5th 2020

Children who Struggle in School

Many of the teens who come to see me in my office for therapy are struggling with mental health issues exacerbated by their failures to measure up academically. The stress they are experiencing worsen their mental health issues. Often they have learning disabilities on top of these unaddressed mental health issues. A therapist's job is to help their client feel understood. Understanding their perspective is not that difficult. They open up to me because I am not their parents...Read the Post December 5, 2020

Emotional Contagion

If you ever felt like you didn't want to be around someone because they had bad energy you've likely experienced emotional contagion. There are also those people you just want to be around because they put you in a great mood, make you feel calm and relaxed and good about yourself..... Read the Post December 2, 2020.


In 1993 Mary Johnson lost her 20-year-old son, Laramiun Byrd, to murder. A 16-year-old, Oshea Israel was convicted of the crime and sentenced to 25 years. 
Mary talks about anger and the impacts on her.... Read the Post December 1, 2020

Judging Others

Today I'm exploring #judgment of others as it is a topic many of my clients ask for help with. 

Little known fact: People actually become less judgmental of others as they become more self-compassionate!
Below are three common reasons we may judge others. Read the Post December 1, 2020

School Stress

"Most of our kids want to do well in school, and as parents, we want them to, because we look at that as the first test of their ability to be okay in a competitive world. Many of the teens that come to see me in my office for therapy are struggling with mental health issues that are exacerbated by their failures to measure up academically. The school stress they are experiencing worsen their mental health issues..... READ THE POST October 31, 2020


I recently listened to a sounds true podcast where I learned some interesting facts about narcissism. I know about narcissism, but not enough to consider my self an expert. Keith Campbell, who is an expert, was the special guest on this show. He is the recent author of a book called The New Science of Narcissism.
I mostly understood narcissists through the lens of my clients,  as poor dating partners. Many of  many of my kind and good-hearted clients wind up in troubled relationships with them.... READ THE POST September 22. 2020

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