Young Toddler with Manic/Depressive Symptoms

by Jennifer

I have a 23 month old daughter who doesn't express a lot of the symptoms you addressed.

However, she has mood swings that last sometimes by the week. She will have "good" weeks or months where she is compliant and happy, which usually accelerates to a manic happy- she runs around and bounces off the walls, giggling and jumping and is extremely hyper. I know then that the bad times are coming. Usually the next day, she wakes up and has a long "down" spell. She is taken by fits of rage and anger, screeches without actual provocation. These up and down times are clearly defined, and have been consistent since she was born.

I'm not one to jump to conclusions, but my father is severely bipolar, as is all his family, and my sister is both moderately bipolar with OCD and anxiety. I believe I have a very mild form of it as well, although I have never wanted to explore it. Naturally I am a little concerned about my daughter. Any advice?

Hi Jennifer

Please, please keep and eye on your daughter throughout the next few years. With your family history as you know this is significant to pay attention to. It would be important to focus on routine (sleep, eating regular meals )on structure and on teaching emotional regulation early.

You also may want to consult a knowledgeable psychiatrist on some natural remedies such as melatonin or omega 3.

Good luck
Kristen McClure

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