Worried Mom of 4.5 yr old boy

by Debbie
(Fort Wayne, IN)

I'm worried about my 4.5 yr old son. He always has to have things just so (even his food), likes to finish what he's doing before starting/doing anything else, gets very upset/angry when something he's doing doesn't work the way he wants it to.

He'll start crying and screaming and gets very angry (sometimes you can see the vein in his neck stick out). Recently he's been been destructive too - trying to break apart his legos by dropping/throwing them on the floor. He doesn't like to give hugs/kisses, he seems to prefer to play by himself but he will play with others though too. He seems to be doing fine in school with the other kids. He's more on the serious side - where his younger sister is free-spirited, but at other times he'll be silly. On the other hand, he can be easy going, is great to take shopping, does good with change, does well with others, and can be a loving/caring big brother.

I'm worried he may have OCD or some other behavioral/mental disorder, but his teachers think otherwise. He does seem to only do these things at home, not at school or in public. Do you have any ideas or advice on what could be wrong and what I may do to help him? He's a great kid, but I'm worried about him and whether he's okay.

Hi Debbie!

I hope your child is fine, and that the things you are observing ARE nothing. However, I can tell you I believe generally in mother's intuition. I also don't think teachers really understand mental health conditions such as OCD. Although I am happy about the fact that he is doing well in school, that does not mean everything is fine.

Mothers know when something isn't right. They also know when professionals are wrong. Take your child to a child psychologist who has a good reputation and is skilled in your area. DO some research ahead of time and if you have the money to pay someone privately do it!!

Good Luck

Kristen McClure

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