Worried and Frustrated over Toddler's Behavior

by Elizabeth

I'm wondering if my toddlers behavior is normal (just typical toddler stuff..)or if it is something more that I should be worried about. She is 3 1/2 and the main problems that I've been having are not listening...I'll tell her to stop doing something and she'll do it anyway.

She's also being too rough with the dogs. One of my dogs has nailed her before when she's gone too far like pulling the ears or the tail and not letting go. He did not break the skin it was more of a warning. Even with this she is just relentless with the dogs. Tonight she just kicked one of them out of the blue. (...a segway to the next problem...) After she kicked him I immediately put her into a time out. I do not give her a warning for kicking, pushing or hitting..its an immediate time out. Now she is not staying on the time out bench. I had to put her back on the bench almost 30 times. She was actually starting to sweat. (..as was I)

She also becomes destructive in time out and has put some dents into walls, etc.. Lastly, she is terrible with her 18 month little brother. She is constantly taking things he's playing with, pushing him and hitting him. She has not been good with him since he's been mobile. I am at my wits end and am even considering spanking her as nothing else seems to be working or getting her attention. Any suggestions would greatly be appreciated.

Hi Elizabeth:

It sounds like your toddler is very strong willed!! You may be helped by reading love and logic books which are my favorite books about discipline. Please check these out first on Amazon before spanking. I am concerned about the bullying behavior. Although much of what your saying could be attributed to normal toddler behavior I see a little of a red flag there. It may be smart to see a therapist familiar with working with these issues in your area.

Good luck

Kristen McClure

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