Worried about 6 year old son

by Kim
(Vancouver, Canada)

My son has been for now diagnosed with ADHD/ODD. I don't quite believe it, and nor does his teacher. He is extremely defiant, but seems to be worse at home, and especially if you tell him NO.

He becomes almost like a different kid in the blink of an eye, and the tantrums start. He will destroy anything he can get his hands on, he cries and screams, stomps, he is very argumentative, and loves to purposely defy authority.

He can hit or pinch right in front of you and deny he did it. Once he calms down he has no memory of the tantrum and when you ask why he acted like that he says "I don't know"

He can be the most lovable little boy who talks about nothing constantly to becoming a sad looking kid who wont utter a word.

Once thing that really concerns me is that when he is excited or there is a group of people around he acts silly, to the point of being obnoxious and he flaps his arms out to the side.

He concentrates in school and seems to do well in spelling and math. Bedtime is a nightmare most nights and takes anywhere from half to an hour before he is settled. He is either arguing about having to go or singing and talking at the top of his lungs.

I know there is an issue, I've been saying it since he was ten months old, that was the first he went into a trance like state and got a glazed look, almost as if he was somewhere else.

Another concern is that his father is an alcoholic, has had a substance abuse problem in the past (before I knew him) and shows signs of NPD.

Hi Kim

It certainly sounds from your descriptions like your child is having mood swings. As you know from reading information on my website, young children are difficult to diagnosis with a mood disorder.

I really believe moms should pay attention to instincts. Call around to some therapists and psychologists and find with with knowledge about mood disorders and the overlap with ADHD and ODD. Ask questions to determine whether they have training and are experienced. Ask them if they have a copy of the bipolar child.

Good luck to you


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