Why can't I simply "try"?

by Carol

My child has bi-polar.

My husband's child has bi-polar.
My sister's niece has bi-polar.
My moms grand-daughter has bi-polar.
My daughters teacher has a student who has bi-polar.

My husband tries.
My sister tries.
My mom tries.
The teachers, doctors, neighbors, friends, and coaches all "try".

Why I am the only one who has to succeed?

As the mother of a child with bi-polar I ask myself this question on a daily basis.

Seems like everyone elses in my childs life gets the "I tried" award while I must bare the burden of making sure my child has a succesful life.

But...do I? Must I ALWAYS fix things? Smooth things over? Prearrange every little detail to avoid a potential melt down?....Yes...why yes I do..because I am a mom...and not just any old mom...but, the mom of a very special child who deserves more than "I tried".

Hang in there fellow super-moms, they are worth it!

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Dec 19, 2016

by: Kristen

Thanks for sharing this! You are an inspiration.

If you are interested in this online support group, you would be a great asset to the community.


Hope this is helpful,


Kristen McClure

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