Whether he is bipolar or not?

My sister son is 16yrs and is doing his 10th Final. He doesn't have self esteem at times. Now he lives with me as he conflicts wit my sister(His mother) and his father and his younger brother. As i don't have children i have enough time for him, and he shared a lot about him with me which he never did with his mother. He was even using drugs (Hashish). Sometimes he is very sad and says that he is always trying to do one step ahead comparing to other children even in school and ends up in problems.

For example he told me when he saw his friends smoking he started drugs, when his mother says to do something he tries to do opposite. He keeps on saying no body understands his feelings. He cries fast. For studies I have to push him, but he has a good memory and can learn very fast.He definitely has extra caliber in studies if e utilize it. Still he fears exams.

Some times he is aggressive and threatening to get some things within no time (Some gadgets,pets etc). Even though he listen to me more than his parents, when he is in some moods he even avoids me. Somehow he makes us to say YES for his demands.

Actually after staying with me we can notice a lot of change in him like stopped smoking, cut off his friends circle, stop roaming outside etc. But not concentrating on studies and telling me he cannot control his emotions at some times. And on ther times he hugs me and confessing for what happened and crying a lot. We have taken him to NIMHANS Bangalore and they suggested the medicine Cipram 20mg daily

for him and couldn't diagnose what exactly is wrong with him.

Is he a bipolar or not? Where can i get treatment for this kind of illness? Please advise me.


Hi Nasheeda. I am so sorry to hear of the difficulty you are having with you nephew. He is certainly lucky to have you. I do not not know if he is bipolar or not, however, Cipram or Celexa is an antidepressant and could perhaps cause further problems if he is Bipolar. I can tell you it does sound as if he is struggling with some difficulty with his moods. Certainly what you are describing is anxiety and depression.

Part of what makes it difficult to know what is happening is that he is, or was using drugs. Many of the mood disorders ( anxiety , depression, bipolar disorder) can't be diagnosed unless the symptoms were there before the drugs, because effects of drugs can often be similar to the symptoms of those mental illnesses.

You don't mention your nephews family history which is also significant when looking at these issues.

I can imagine it is difficult to get good treatment where you are. If you do give your nephew those medications please watch him carefully.

Perhaps some other people will write in closer to your location and provider you with some helpful information.

Good Luck,

Kristesn McClure

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