Where do we go from here as parents of a sick boy?

by DeNiese
(Long Beach)

I am the mother of a 19 year old boy. He is diagnosed with, Bipolar, manic depressive, ODD, ADHD, along with panic disorders. He's been in many hospitals and facilities for his disorders since he was 12 years old. He has tried to commit suicide four times. He lives at home with me and has all the comforts he needs. I do not see a light at the end of the tunnel in our situation. I don't have money to send him to a treatment facility, they are very expensive, and he would not agree to go. Can you please give me some advise? He wants to drink and take his meds to self-medicate. He refuses to see some of his problems. He never goes off of his medicine because he knows he must have it to survive. How do I get the right help for him? How do I get him to realize he really needs help?

He does not have one friend and spends all of his time on the computer playing conquer, 24/7. He comes out of his room to eat and smoke. I try to talk with him but he becomes enraged at any idea of help. I'm concerned that if I leave him alone and he has a bad moment he will eventually kill himself. Is there any help for us?

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