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Oct 29, 2015
great comments NEW
by: Tombbs

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Jul 30, 2009
I feel for you
by: Anonymous

I have a three year old with sporadic behavior signs that lead me to believe we are looking at pediatric bipolar onset. His pediatrician acts like there is nothing to be done until he reaches school age, but I am also concerned with safety issues. I am going to see what parenting/ family counseling is available in my area and what advances have been made with brain scanning/ natural treatments. I am against the medications even when he is 6 due to the fact that my father took his own life a year ago. The cause was a rare but serious side effect to Ambien- which he had a toxic reaction to the day before. I will not give my son medication that has the word "suicide" on the label, but I think there are many other treatments. I am finding that a stricter schedule, plenty of sleep (which is hard with a child who has never slept much), very healthy diet (luckily I don't have a picky eater), 30 min. of hard physical activity, and calm home environment seem to help a bit. Minor stresses in our lives tend to heighten the behavior attacks. I have a one year old that I need to protect from his brother at times and that is not normal. I know there are a lot of support groups online, etc. Good luck.

Nov 28, 2008
i needhelp!!
by: Anonymous

i'ma mother of a 3 yr. old and know something isn't right. he sees a therapist,but shethinks pdd-nos or adhd or odd. i've done the research and am convinced its bipolar.i have major depression, adhd and gad. on my side there is extensive substance abuse and alcholism, and bipolar not to mention his father is a recovering alcoholic. i have known something wasn't right from the get go. he didn't sleep, he screamed almost all day. it has just gotten worse with time. i'm afraid he is going to severly injure his older brother. he can be soo sweet. the pyschitrist won't listen and dismisses me. please help!!

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