Treatment for Separation Anxiety

by mady

What sort of treatment should someone with separation anxiety seek?????? help!! :)


Hi Mady

Someone with separation anxiety should seek help in the form of a therapist who they feel comfortable with and who is a good fit for them. Usually you can tell after meeting with someone 1 or 2 times if you like them as a therapist.

Your therapist should understand how to help you feel less fearful about your separation anxiety by giving you homework exercises where you confront it successfully.

You should understand why you are doing these exercises and through them should learn how facing your anxiety reduces it, and how avoiding it strengthens it.

You should also work with your therapist to determine how you can successfully beat your anxiety in the future if it crops up again.

You and your therapist may choose to involve loved ones in your treatment, in case they are enabling you and thus making your anxiety worse.

Good Luck to you Mady!


Kristen McClure

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