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I just wanted to say how happy I am you had this information on the web. My daughter is 16 and was diagnosed bipolar and OCD nov 2010. Every day is a struggle but I still have her in this world. I went to therapy sessions and parent support groups and it definately helped me understand her condition. Others in her life do not and it makes things much more difficult. Even my own family has told me I wasn't "handling" her well. I was letting her walk all over me. What they didn't realize is that all the stuff they saw was insignificant things. I picked my fights from the start knowing that fighting over the small stuff really wasn't worth it. However when everyone around me was saying how I was doing things all wrong I started to question myself. Wondering if maybe they were right. I asked her psychiatrist and she said I had it right and those people were lacking information. Now your article confirmed it. So thank you for having this out there. I've sent it along to others to read and maybe grasp a better understanding of this disease my beautiful daughter suffers from.

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