Strattera for Bipolar Disorder


Does Strattera help a Bipolar child.?My son is 10 and is undiagnosed. His dad and dad's side of the family has Bipolar disorder. I am positive my son has Bipolar disorder.

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Hi Beth

STRATTERA® (atomoxetine HCl)is prescribed for children with ADHD. It is a selective norepinephrine reuptake inhibitor, with a mechanism of action that is similar to many antidepressants. It is a nonstimulant drug. DOctors will sometimes prescribe stimulants and non stimulants for adhd symptoms if a child's mood is stable, meaning that there bipolar disorder is medicated with mood stabilizers. In this case doctors in my area will slowly added one of these medicines and monitor the child carefully for any adverse side effects.

If your child has ADHD symptoms, but a stable mood your doctor may prescribe Straterra, however in checking the Eli Lilly website you can see that it may trigger suicidal ideation and manic symptoms. If I were you, I would print out those warnings and bring it to your doctor if you are uncomfortable with the recommendation. Please keep us updated!


Kristen McClure

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