Still crying at Kindergarten after two months!

I am really in need of help. Our 5 1/2 year old cries everyday at school, this has been going on for two months. She was always very independent and loved preschool. In fact, she was bored at preschool and wanted to go to Kindergarten last year.

She loved going to dance class and tumbling, too. Now, she cries when she gets on the bus, cries at recess, cries when it's time to switch classes, etc. Not loud, disruptive crying, but quietly with a few tears. She no longer wants to go to dance class or tumbling unless I am there watching her, which is not an option at dance class. We have tried rewarding her, "If you have 3 good days at school, we can go to Chuck E. Cheese, or get some new bracelets", we have tried taking things away from her as a punishment.

Nothing seems to work. I am at a complete loss. This is NOT our daughter, she has always been a happy, well adjusted girl. She looks sad and exhausted after school every day. She has a stable home life, nothing has changed there. If you can offer any help, we would be grateful.

Hi Heidi

I would really suggest you see a therapist.I am not sure why she has had a sudden onset of anxiety, however it may be important to get some professional help to 1) help her verbalize what is going on 2) give both your daughter and you the tools that you need to get through this.

It is also important to examine ANY changes that may have happened or may be triggering. Is there something about kindergarten and what she is being asked to do that is stressful? Does she have sensory integration issues? Did she start any medication that may be triggering her anxiety? ? Any other events or changes at home?

The therapist can help you sort through this. It also might be important to get her a physical exam to check for anything there. Good Luck to you and hope you are able to find some relief for your daughters anxiety.

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