Son very destructive at times

I have been taking my son to the doctor trying to find out if some of the stuff he does is normal.

My son will be three on Thurs May 14, 08. My child can be very sweet and loving when he wants to but at times can be hard to handle.

At times if you tell him not to do something he wants he will hit you, his sister, kick the door, or throw himself down. It is hard to go anywhere with him. He is very smart he has been making complete sentences since he was 16 months old, was running at 9 months old very smart.

He is not potty trained. He loves to play in his poop, break his toys, scribble on anything (floors, walls, body etc). Does not adjust well if he doesn't want to do it it is major tantrum with and hitting throwing etc.

Please help me on trying to find out is this is a disorder or just normal three year old behavior. Thanks so much.

Hi. I think if your child was speaking in complete sentences by 16 months, than they have superior language ability. Of course by complete, that could mean 2- 3 words or 3- 5 words. Most children by two are speaking in 2-3 words sentences. Walking by nine months would certainly be at the early end as well.

I would recommend you observe your child with other children. This may give you a sense of where your child is truly struggling. Many children who are three get easily frustrated and tantrum.

When you say he isn't potty trained I'm not sure if you mean he isn't using the toilet at all or just isn't pooping in the toilet. Many children are not fully potty trained at three.

It wouldn't hurt to check your child out medically to see if there isn't a problem with constipation or other medical problem.

Also, the poop smearing and toy breaking sounds a little destructive. I would take them for an evaluation with a child psychologist, and see what they say.

Good Luck!!!

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