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by Alice

This is a continuation of a previous question I sent you, Kristen. I was thinking last night. When do you know if the therapy your child is going to is helping?

I know that sounds like it should be obvious, but sometimes I just don't know if what she is doing is related to her diagnosis or being a teen or what. She has been going to a therapist every week for over a year. She is better this year but still doesn't seem to recognize that she has control over her actions, and doesn't take responsibility of herself. I like her therapist -he is kind and calm, has good reputation etc. But it is costing me so much money, ( doesn't take insurance). I hate to start over, I don't want to hurt his feelings( ok I know that's silly but it does cross my mind)

Like I said before she is skipping classes, always an excuse and her story doesnt usually match the teachers. She is respectful to the teachers just doesn't do her work. She told me she cant stay in the class if she is bored, on the other hand she cant stay in the class if she hasnt taken her Vyvanse because she cant pay attention (?) How to I find the right Psychiatrist - the one she sees now seems ok, but he asks her how she is doing, she says ok. No big problems. So is that enough? Is this as good as I can expect? This sure is a lonely disease for parents.
Thanks for listening
Dtr 17 with BP, ADD


Please forgive me as I have 600 submissions to sort through! They don't get filed by date and I realize you have really been pushed to the bottom.

This is a really good question. How do you know if therapy is helping your child? I think a regular dialog should occur with the therapist!

I will often ask to meet with parents for updates or to give updates and we review the treatment plan, talk about expectations, talk about what therapy can do, and examine future goals. If possible!

Children don't always make progress in therapy just like adults don't always either. It has to do with therapist fit, but also client motivation.

It's a good question to ask!

Please update us.


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