question about Bi- polar and Autism at the same time

Is there a test to find out if a child is Bi-polar and Autistic. I work in a special Ed school, the child is turning 4 years old and is said to be Autistic. I wondering if that child could be bi-polar and autistic the same time. This child cries for no reason. And other times get into a laughing fit that last for 10 to 20 minutes. Are these crying and laughing spells behavior or are they internal.

A child can technically meet the criteria for autism and bipolar disorder at the same time. FOr a child to be diagnosed as bipolar, the child needs to meet the criteria for exhibiting mania and depression. If on top of that criteria, the child also has the impairments in social development and interaction to rise to the level of autism than they would be both.

I don't know if the crying or laughing spells are behaviorally based or internal. With a child who is autistic that would be difficult to determine. Sounds like it will be very challenging to sort out what is going on with this child. Let me just say that the most important thing is that the child have treatment and medication that is sensitive to their needs.

Good luck!!

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