Possible to treat bipolar disorder in children naturally?

Is it possible to successfully treat bipolar disorder without medication?

My 12 year old son displays serious signs of bipolar disorder (attempted suicide, manic episodes, depression, loss of friendships, can't handle criticism from parents, coaches, teachers, almost constantly irritable, very critical of others, goes from sweetness to anger...) He is seeing a pschyatrist who doesn't want to put him on meds and my wife doesn't think he is bipolar, but I think he is (and I think I may be as well).

I really hate going down the med route with my 12 year old and given my wife and I disagree on his potential of having it I'd like to try everything possible to without meds? Anyone successfully done this?

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Mar 07, 2012
concerned for my child
by: Anonymous

we are experiencing a lot of changes in our 12yr old son. Angry one minuet and happy the next, playing with his 3yr old sister and with in 3 minuets he is screaming at her to get out and starts throwing stuff, screams at teachers and throws desks around then a few minuets after says sorry and cries about it. Lies all the time to parents and others around him. Lashes out over anything. His sister or other kids can't touch him or be near him without him throwing a fit and screaming. Are these signs of bipolar? I am confused with all these different symptoms.

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