Out of control

by Tina

This article is all well and good, but how do I teach my bipolar teen, who is about to turn 18 that her mouth is going to get her into trouble. She has no filter and says whatever she wants without any remorse. She is downright mean. When I try to show her that what she says is hurtful, she says I am ganging up on her. When I repay her nasty words with a nasty response to her, I am being mean. She does not see or care that she if verbally abusing everyone around her.

I am her parent and I am not allowed to set limits with her. When I do, I draw criticism and no support from my family or anyone else. She has no accountability and has not been required to take responsibility for her behavior.

I was told to file incorrigible child charges against her. But then, I'm told that I am holding her back. If she is charged as an adult for something, her future will be ruined. Again, how is that my fault? Where is her accountability? If you break the law; you go to jail. Consequences.....does she have any or does her bipolar disorder excuse her from them?


Hi Tina. I am going to post your article online and see if other parents might offer you some advice. I know how difficult it must be,and I am truly sorry that you are not finding support and help from your community. Hopefully some parents will respond and provide you with some feedback or successful strategies they have tried.

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Nov 24, 2015
Walked on and heartbroken
by: Anonymous

I, too, am trying to cope with my teenage daughter who has become verbally abusive to her immediate family. She has been staying with her Grandmother for the last four months because I could no longer be an effective mother to my three younger children when she was constantly walking all over me. No discipline had any affect, she made it a point to only act out even worse when we attempted to discipline her. She has broken my heart, and I want so desperately to find a way to get her the help she so desperately needs. At this point, she is refusing to see the therapist. I believe that she is bipolar, but now have to determine how to get her to a psychiatrist for an assessment.

It is difficult for anyone on the outside of our inner circle to see that she could act this way. Her Grandmother is slowly seeing what I have been trying to tell her, but I can guarantee you that anger is much different when it is directed at YOU, and for WHAT?! It is all so maddening and heart wrenching. Best of luck to you in your journey. You certainly are not alone.

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