our 1st visit with doctor says children dont get diagnosed with BP

by Paula
(St.Louis MO)

My name is P I am married with a great husband and 2 amazing kids L who is 13 and a son X who is 9. I'm not sure where to begin.

X was an amazing baby sooo easy also as a toddler he was late on talking it was after his second birthday when he began to say words. As years went by especially around the age of 4 it started. X would get extremely angry and could not control himself the littlest thing would set him off sometimes we didn’t even know what set him off. He would say things, awful things to us, and attack us I know this sounds crazy. Everyone i would confide in said he's just spoiled and we need to take everything out of his room or spank him, we tried everything , positive rewarding when he did well and taking things away when he waqs bad. My mom and dad would always say something is not right with him normal kids don't act that way , and you need to learn how to discipline him. My husband struggled with the whole situation, he just kinda ignored him would yell at him periodically, honestly i think he was unsure what to do. X is sooooo sweet, he loves nature and living things he is very connected to our dogs, loves to go hiking, loves the outdoors. He is very emotional for example he was outside watching some ants , i walked up not knowing what he was doing and stepped on one he still cries if he thinks about it. I'm sorry for unloading on who ever reads this. So anyway fast forward to last May 2010. I took him to our pediatrician for help she felt he had adhd and subscribed vyvanse. It was awful all his emotions amplified by a hundred it was scary so i called she said we stop taking it and referred us to a child psychiatrist. So we went and answered several questions as well X.

She then said she feels he is ADHD and has oppositional defiant disorder so she put him on intuniv and referred us to child coach / behavioralist, honestly he was bizarre and things got worse on this medicine he started freaking out about germs and his anger was bad as well. We quit going to the child

coach for money reasons he was very expensive insurance did not cover this. We did several appt. though and nothing was changing. We went on vacation that July 2010 his Doctor upped his intuniv to 3mg , it was awful!!!!!!!!! I felt so bad for him he was not X at all it was so sad to see him like this , for example we stopped at a restaurant a fly landed on Xs chair he wanted to leave and refused to sit down he was angry and pinching me and stepping on my foot really hard. So I quit giving him the meds, the rest of the trip was much better after a few days being off the meds. So fast forward again to the next doctor appt. she said we needed to put him on Prozac and keep him on 3 mg of intuniv and thats what we are still doing ,now don't get me wrong his is MUCH better than before we ever went to a doctor, but the intuniv i feel still is having some sort of aggression problems where he rips paper and broke some of his trophy's and then cries and cries about it after realizing these things can't be fixed.

Also the sleeping all the time has gotten better we now give it to him when he gets home from school. When he starts going into one of his fits he's very angry and crying at the same time, now this happens at least once a week the really bad ones about 2 a month, also within an hour to three hours he's back to himself. X also has to be right and brags alot so he doesnt have many close friends, i know this is because X has a low self esteem. Now his siter L is embarrassed by X and thinks he's weird and says we always give in to X which is pretty much correct we don't want him to get in a full out tantrum. We feel sorry for L, not knowing how to help her cope with X which i must say he loves her very much and tries to be close to her, but she wants no part of him and says he scares her sometimes. I cry alot over this not sure what to do. Thanks reading the novel i just wrote LOL

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