Not Alone...

by Kristy DePasquale
(Saugerties, NY USA)

Dear Friends,

As much as I am saddened that other families have, or are going through similar trauma like my own, it comforts me to read your comments, and know that my family is not alone. I think feeling alone is the most challenging piece of this whole anomaly.

At least here, in the vast, overstuffed space of Cyberworld, we can listen to each other and share the pains that have literally rotted our souls, and in many cases...destroyed our families.

I look forward to writing again... and reading any responses. However if there are no responses, I certainly know it's because we all are riddled with more complicated feelings that we sometimes...can't articulate into words.

~Be well

Kristy D.
Saugerties, NY


Thanks so much for sharing this!

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