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by Dianna


For the past seven years my family and I have been trying to understand what's wrong with my daughter.

At the age of five she was diagnosed with seizures, and then later add. We kind of understood that then. From the age of fourteen things went downhill. If she had or have a problem she always runaway. She would walk and sometimes have no sense of time or surrounding .Whenever this happens she have no desire for school nor work. I can't really express I have been doing some reading her symptoms seem to signal bi-polar disorder. Help me understand please

I’m so sorry about the trouble you are having with your child. I would try to ensure that you have a good neurologist to work with who can help you understand the relationship between seizure disorder and bipolar disorder. I’m not clear from your email on the kinds of symptoms you are saying she has that are associated with Bipolar Disorder. Children with Bipolar Disorder may run away, however, children with other issues run away as well. My experience is children may have difficulty with memory and time if they have bipolar disorder, but I am not clear on the walking and having no sense of time surrounding the walking. Also this is a feature sometimes seen in children with BPD, but it is not diagnostic criteria.

There are varieties of medical conditions that can complicate or rule out a diagnosis of bipolar disorder that are important to consider. Neurological disorders, adrenal diseases, and thyroid disorders. It is important to investigate all possible contributing factors. Also, again, you have not reported any specific symptoms of depression or mania in your post.

Good luck to you in the search for help with your child.


Kristen McClure

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