by Debby

My grandson is a drug baby and most of the time a loving child but, lately he is becoming more aggressive and throwing fits to get his way. He will be fine one minute and mad the next for no reason. He is a drug baby and lives with his father. My son is a good dad and learning as he goes. The mother is completely out of the picture as she is in prison for trying to murder my son and grandson. She took all kinds of drugs while pregnant and also prescription drugs she wasn’t prescribed. We believe he is suffering from those drugs and the mother is also bi-polar. What can we do to help our little boy . We are worried sick. Please help us.

Sincerely Nana

Dear Nana

I am so sorry for what you have experienced, and how unfair this is to your grandson. I think that there are many things going on in your grandson’s life. He has already experienced so much stress. While it is important to consider the diagnosis his mother as it seems there are also many contributing issues. For example the fact that he is a “drug baby” means his ability to control his impulsive and regulate his emotions may be impaired from the exposure. Also I would imagine his mother trying to murder his and his father caused a significant amount of stress on the family that was difficult to shield him from.

If I were you, I would explore help through specialists in trauma who also understand mood disorders in young children and the other complicating issues. Good luck finding help for your family


Kristen McClure

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