My two-year-old has me baffled...

by Tammy

Even though I am a teacher and mother of four children, my youngest (two-year old son) has me baffled. I truly need help. He can be so loving; however, he can also get very angry.

When he becomes angry, he is frightening. He will throw things, hit others, break things, and even throw himself down, often times hurting himself in the process (throwing himself back and knocking his head). These fits can last quite a while and quite often. He climbs on the counter and is always into things he knows he shouldn't be into. He is like a pinball machine, going from one thing to another quickly. My husband and I have often commented on how he had broken more things in two years than his three older siblings put together. Other symptoms...he was a 'hip' baby for over a year. I had to buy slings and carry him with me at all times, otherwise he would scream (and scream, and scream, throw up, and then scream some more). He does sleep at night and takes a good nap during the day.

Honestly, I am frightened by his anger. Could he possibly be suffering from bipolar disorder?

Hi Tammy

I’m not sure if your son could be suffering from bipolar disorder. There are a lot of explanations to explore for his behavior.

This kind of anger can point to many issues. It also sounds like perhaps he has impulsivity and attention problems, both signs of autism, add, bipolar disorder and an array of other things.

I’m not sure if the behavior describe as a baby is primarily anxiety or sensory integration issues or something else. Checking into that would be a good thing as well. One thing is for sure, what you describe is somewhat concerning and he is having trouble regulated himself and his emotions. I would check into getting him a developmental evaluation or a psychological evaluation with someone who is skilled with young children.

Good Luck!!

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