My daughter is so hard to deal with

by Ashley
(East Alton IL USA)

She is a happy kid sometimes

She is a happy kid sometimes

Hi, I am a 21 year old mother to a beautiful 2 year old little girl. I can't deal with her emotions on some days, I get so frustrated where I have to walk away from her. Her temper is outrageous, she bites, kicks, throws things when she's angry, and even slaps herself or me if I am within reach.

I have never dealt with such a thing. The crying is unbearable at times, she cries for no apparent reason. I can't go anywhere without her crying when I walk out the room and she still sleeps in the same bed with me. I'm just so frustrated that no one seems to understand that something is wrong and It isn't because she is spoiled. It goes past the spoiled mark. I've went to so many doctors and no one seems to notice how she acts. It's just so frustrating really.

She is smart as can be, her vocabulary is outstanding, it's just the attitude and the temper and all the crying that makes it unbearable, what should i do. I need help.

Hi Ashley

I would really strongly suggest you get some help in the form of early mental health treatment

There could be something seriously wrong, for example, children with behavioral issues at this age often have sensory integration issues or medical issues.

There are an array of issue that may be contributing, but if you KNOW something is wrong , it is important to get help until the answer makes sense to you and feels correct.

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