My daughter I believe has been misdiagnosed and I think I and my mother have Bipolar.

by Leanne Elliott

My daughter since 5 has been having trouble with biting people, separation anxiety, trouble with school socialising, severe rages, I can nearly tick everything on your checklist.

She was diagnosed with ADHD, and then Anxiety, we have seen phsychs and doctors and she's tried ritalin and concerta with no help.

Now a friend from canada came to visit and she is studying her final year of psychology and suggested child bipolar. So frustrating its taken this long to get a correct diagnosis.

Im off to the doctor tom to get help.

Whats your thoughts on what drug is best? shes' 14 and Im 44.


Hi Leanne. It should be easier to get an accurate diagnosis with your 14 year old than if she was younger.It's important to understand its a complicated process and you need a highly trained clinician to appropriately diagnose it. Everyone responds to medication differently, so recommending a medication would probably be inappropriate, although, you can look at my page on bipolar medications to get an idea of some of the medications commonly used.

Good luck to you and your daughter. Please keep us updated!

Kristen McClure

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