My Bipolar daughter story 12-17 years old

by Mark

My daughter was hospitalized at 12 years old for rage and attempted suicide. She was in the hospital for 1 week. She was put on Lithium and later zoloft.

We were living with a monster for a few months after the hospital. We have a son who was 8 at the time.
She was triggered by her brother and her mom. Her brother would call her names and mom was difficult at times. Mom has depression and anxiety which of course did not make our daughter's life any easier. I do not have any mental illness so all of this was crazy to me but I am very patient. Despite many counselors and psychologists, Mom continued to rage at our daughter and say mean things. I would remain calm and bring everyone together to talk about the issues and come to agreements and understandings...
Sounds good but in the end I kicked mom out of the house and I have the kids full time from ages 15-17. now my daughter is finishing high school and is very enthusiastic about the future.

There have been no rages in the last 2 years. She is happy but struggles at times with friends. She is very beautiful and smart. She is a joy to be with. I ignore small behaviors and refusals and give her lots of love and room to be frustrated. I never yell and try to be positive. My daughter has made choices not to try drugs or have sex like her friends are doing. She speaks openly about these decisions with me. She is amazing. We have cut back her lithium over the past 3 months and she is still doing great. She will never be cured but it can be managed. I tell my story to share the importance of loving your child and having an unconditional positive feeling about them. Bipolar kids are not like other children so please ignore other people's opinions.

I have encountered many opinions and I understand how things look that I spoil her or not strict enough ...all that nonsense but in the end she is doing better and I have hope for the future. I will never stop thinking my daughter is the most amazing girl on the planet.

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