My son is 2 he has all the symptoms of bipolar and adhd , he throws his toys at people, his chair, his table ,he breaks his toys . All of them.

He licks the walls floors and the light sockets the tv and the window sills , he has a poor appetite , he wants to drink all day its like he isn't getting enough.

He trys to kill our cat he sits there and beats the cat with a toilet brush, he has stabbed me with a fork, he is very hyper doesn't listen to direct orders yells and screams if we try to explain things to him.

He gets mad and hits or kicks us , he takes his diaper off and wipes his poop all over the walls and himself, he doesn't sleep well at all he wakes up in the middle of the night screaming he does it even after taking a nap he also sleep walks, he falls over items on the floor such as toys or his own feet.

I've tried to get help and his dr says its normal its terrible twos that's not terrible 2's. Not when he hits his self climbs on stuff and throws himself into the walls,he tore his bottom dresser up riped all the wood out ,he hides food in his dresser under his bed and between his mattress.

Bipolar does run in my family because i have it and so does adhd so we are at a loss

in what to do.

I sit and cry because I cant seem to get him help he has an older brother who emotional disturbed could that be it as well? I need help I'm trying to help one kid and protect my daughter cause he has hit her in the head with shoes and a plastic piece from a crib .

What can I do I'm so lost?

Hi Alicia

The behaviors you describe are not normal and are not the terrible two's. I would really encourage you to find a new doctor, and to find a psychologist who specializes in early development to help you.

The drinking of massive amounts of liquids could be a sign of high blood sugar (hyperglycemia). It can be an important clue in detecting diabetes .Poop smearing , food hoarding and licking walls are all strange and concerning symptoms. Please continue to look until you find a professional who will take your concerns seriously.


Kristen McClure

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