Mrs Jones

by Misty

I am having issues with my 7 yr old son, he either seems sad or gets angry very easily, but does not react violently until he really mad 7 you can almost see the change in his eyes if that makes any sense. He will pout or throw a tantrum over small stuff & things you would not think would bother him will set him off to slamming bedroom doors or shoving another child. Just looking for some answers.

Hi Misty

The first step would be to take your child to see a therapist. I would check with your insurance and see who is a provider that you can see in network. Then ask them to assess and see what may be happening. If you have a family history of mental health issues, you need to share that with them. I would first try to therapy to teach him the skills to work on his emotional regulation. If that doesn't help then I would explore medication, but give cognitive behavioral therapy a try.


Kristen McClure

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