I have 12 years old son. diagnosed ADHD 4 years ago. He took concerta for 2 years did not make any difference. We stoped giving him medication. and I put him on herbal medication.

He was fine up till 2 months ago. Starting bad language, does not take no if something does not like or we tell them stop to do creates an argument. I took him to Dr again and gave him mood swing medication with ADHD combine. I forgot the name. My son got worse and more aggressive acting. He started vomiting I called the Dr and increased the dose. After that my son got worse and worse. Then we stopped medication again and went to therapist.

He said he is frustrated on study so he needs tutoring with every other week his office visit. He offers tutoring in his office.

Now my questions is,if the child is suffering with bipolar or attention or whatever diagnose is therapy or tutoring will help? He is not paying attention. His mood swings alot.

He first starts arguing with us and call us names and try to throw the things on us. When you ask why you do that? He says just for my protection.

I do not know what to do. one DR say ADHD other say BP another says he does not have ADHD just therapy will do. Not sure who to listen to

His mood is getting worse. He gets angry very fast. He pays attention on study but after some time gets frustrated and distracted.

Does he needs medication? or therapy will help or it is just the grown up age the kids do that. I have 3 older daughters and they are fine. Please help.

Dear Mother

I am very sorry for all you have been through. It doesn't sound like you have gotten very good help. You yourself can be the judge of whether therapy is helping. Therapy can be helpful for ADHD and bipolar if it is managed with medication. Therapy is not helpful in my opinion, if a child is unstable. I would look up on the CABF website a list of doctors who are well versed in bipolar disorder in your area. You don't mention your family history but this is significant. If you do not understand what your therapist is doing, or haven't gotten good medical advice, keep asking until you get answers that make sense.

I am very sorry for what you have experienced with the mental health system. I realize you sent this message quite a while ago, and unfortunately, I have been incredibly backlogged. Please feel free to update this message and I will respond ASAP.

Kristen McClure

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Oct 20, 2015
Mother NEW
by: Anonymous

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Nov 09, 2010
I have bipolar wonder if my daughter does as well
by: Anonymous

My daughter is 8 was diagnosed with ADHD concerta worked wonders but she lost 8 lbs in 3 wks and had stomach aches. She was switched to methyl in which made her irritability and sadness worse.
She is hyperactive, talks fast, is defiant when things don't go her way or plans are changed. Throws temper tantrums and pulls her hair. Says she " hates her life" " has a horrible life" is unorganized, low frustration level, poor short term memory, pinches and pushes me says she " hates me" when she is mad. Says " I'm mad" constantly for no reason. Has no reason to hate her life. When I ask why she hates her life she says " well I have to pick up my stuff all the time" she shaved off part of her eyebrow trying to shave the hair off her forehead. Wrote a note saying I need to look prettier"
She goes to sleep at "12:30 1 am and will sleep until 12 pm if it is the weekend. Mon through fir is a nightmare waking her up in the morning for school. She throws temper tantrums she is so irritable from lack of sleep? She does poorly in school. Cannot focus, distractibility, unorganized, difficulty following directions. Have to tell her 10 times to do something. Is this ADHD/ mood disorder. Started as wanting to know " how many calories are in that" do I look fat in this" running around in the back yard saying " I need to lose some pounds" that stopped. Then some facial tics, then random whistling. Those stopped. Not sure what is up. My mom is mad that psychologist is even suggesting bipolar might be possible. She says my parenting is the problem...I don't discipline her well. I'm too easy on her. Is there a test the
Psychiatrist can give her? Because if the diagnosis is based on the info I give them I'm afraid my mom will not believe the diagnosis to be true. As she does not trust my judgement/ opinion"/ observation because I am stigmatized due to my bipolar, which has been stable for awhile now. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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