Mother of 2 children 1 grandchild and ex wife of bipolar disorder.

by Amy
(L.A. Ca. USA)

I married 40 years ago, became a victim of battered wife syndrome but realized my life and my 4 yr old daughter's was better without the insane man I was living with. Besides beating me and sleeping around behind my back, having no food in the house and soon to be homeless, how much worse could life get?

After I left My daughters father I realized I had to get far away because he was hurting me and my little girl, emotionally.

Years later, and 3,000 mi. away, after some unexplainable behavior on my daughters part I found out she was manic depressive at age 14. I had no clue what that was all about and I don't think the Drs. did either, especially for a kid.
We did the hospital path several times, she was suicidal a couple of times then became a chronic runaway, which was so upsetting to me. I never knew if she was alive or dead. By then I had remarried and my poor husband didn't know which end was up with all the drama, then we found out she was drinking to the point of blacking out and doing drugs. We picked her up at a police department and we went to family court, which expedited the IEP with the school dept. so we could get her into a locked facility,To keep her safe.

Finally we thought she had a fighting chance but little did I know that Provo Utah was more like a jail and didn't believe in any medications, religion was what she had to depend on. After a year there she finished high school in a very small non public school without medication but she did have therapy and we had family sessions. WE were so happy that she was doing well and finally graduated high school.

By then I was pregnant with my other daughter from my second marriage, wow that was like day and night being with a non bipolar husband.
My daughter was invited to go live with her friend in Lake Tahoe, she was 19 by then and us having no idea how her illness worked, we sort of thought she out grew itand because we were led to believe the worst was over. To be continued...

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