I don't even know how to begin with our 3 year old. What can I say? He is beautiful and smart and sweet, but then all of a sudden he explodes into a full-blown tantrum. When he was 2 our family doctor had Early Intervention come and check him out and diagnosed him with Sensory Processing Disorder. We had also worked with a behavioral therapist. That seemed to help, especially working with an OT. He has an older brother whom he hits, pinches, scratches, pulls hair, etc. His older brother attended preschool and the teacher asked me questions as to why he had bruises and scratches all over him. A lot of people have told me, even the OT's that I don't give him attention and that is why he is acting up, but I know that that is not all true. My husband and I rough house with him and he loves it, but then he goes over to his brother and smacks him upside the head. I am really scared for him, other people and especially his 2 siblings. I also have a 5 month old. I am terrified to take him anywhere. He is so sweet and he has the twinkle in his eyes and is so full of life, but then it all changes in a wink. He just goes up to children and pinches or pulls their hair. He throws horrible tantrums and will bang his head against the wall or any object he is by. If I tell him no, and put him in timeout, he kicks me and pinches. You can't tell him anything because he won't listen. He doesn't have any fear. No matter how many times we tell him no for what he is doing, it is like he isn't listening. But, at the end of the day when I put him down for bed about a half hour later he talks to himself. It is like he is having a conversation with someone.

He ends up reciting his whole entire day from the first morning he wakes up to when he goes to bed at night and he even goes through with the no, don't do that. He fears his room for some reason. He says

that someone is in there. I feel like this little guy is crying out to me, but, I don't know how to help him.

He is so very destructive. This past sunday we took him to church and he was in sunday school. He was great until I came in to pick him up, he was helping the teacher put chairs up on top of the table. As soon as he saw me, he threw the chairs across the room, took the teacher by the hand, pinched her and kicked and slapped and then walked over to a 2 year old and smacked him. He terrifies everyone. In fact, he terrifies me. I am fed up with waiting on people to call me back about getting him help. He is going to be seeing a neurologist in a couple months and I made an appointment with a different doctor for next week. But, what can I do in the meantime.

He is really getting out of control. Does it sound like a mood disorder? I am bipolar myself and it runs only on my side of the family. Or is it the sensory Processing Disorder that is getting way too out of hand?


Unfortunately I cannot diagnosis him with this information provided, alone. It is a much more lengthy and complex process. However, it is significant that you have bipolar disorder as you know there is a genetic component. He seems to be angry and out of control, and in absence of anything in the environment that is causing that, it must be something going on with him internally.

That is unless there IS something in the environment which may be contributing to that. Chaos or stress or abuse in the family can cause behavioral symptoms as well.

Children who have sensory processing disorder, or autism, or bipolar disorder, or depression and impulse control problems all present with similar symptoms. Children with mood disorder very often have co occurring sensory processing disorders as well so it isn't an either or thing. What I would say is, keep looking until you find someone to help you. Anything that makes sense to you or seems to click with you is the direction you want to go on.

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