Mom-the "soft target"

by Abused mother?
(Fresno, Ca.)

I have a 13 year old son that was diagnosed bipolar in first grade. His father is bipolar, and for 4 years has been struggling with his addictions. We divorced so he is no longer in the home, currently is in a rehab. I am in recovery from alcoholism. Every since he was an infant , my son would pinch, kick, and bite me. Lately (fall)he is being very aggressive and aggitated, Currently he takes zypexa and Adderall (co-morbid ADHD).

Do other mothers get grabbed, pushed and hit by their bipolars. He also calls me some of the most foul names when angry. Nothing seems to work to extinguish the behavior.
Am I just horribly codependent and he's running rough shod over me, or is it common with bipolar tweens?
We do therapy together and he goes to his psychiatrist.
Is he on the wrong meds? We have tried every ADHD med on the market, and every mood stabilizer.

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Dec 19, 2016
Mom is target of aggression by bipolar child
by: Kristen

Dear abused mother,

Many doctors would suggest adderal is a medicine that could aggravate a teen who is bipolar, especially one who is unstable.The aggressive behavior you are describing suggests that is the case.

All mothers of bipolar teens do not get pushed and shoved and hit, but many do.

Many parents of bipolar teens describe similar relationships, ones that seem codependent in the ways you are describing, and the aggression is often a very complicated issues to deal with. One that is isolating and alienating for parents, who feel embarassed and ashamed.
Extinguishing behavior when a child is unstable is an impossible task and really requires an appropriate med adjustment.

Here is a great resource for parents which you may wish to join.

Hope this is helpful,


Kristen McClure

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