Michael's Mania

Both of my son's (21 and 8) have been diagnosed as Bipolar. The older one has been hospitalized for depression. He suffers from insomnia and can stay up for 2 days at a time with no sleep.

The younger one has also been diagnosed with PDD and IED (Intermittent Explosive Disorder). He suffers from sensory integration, although it has improved dramatically over the years. He becomes agitated and anger very easily. If he thinks someone is laughing at him or feels he has embarassed himself he has an outburst. If someone disagrees with him or he isn't in control of the situation. He is on Vyvanse for a year and Abilify for 9 months. They have been working. However the last month the anger and fits have intensified to the point that he is having them in school. Getting angry, crying, then crawling under his desk. We do not have a child psychiatrist here so I am trying to work with his GP. I need suggestions on medication that may be best to try for him.

I take Effexor myself for a serotonin imbalance.

I would review the link on my website related to medications, specifically the reivew of the researchand/or print that out and bring it to your psychiatrist. I would also consult with a child psychiatrist or have your GP consult with a child psychiatrist. I do not fully understrand PDD, nor any of the autistic spectrum disorders and they interact with bipolar disorder, however, I do know that Intermittant explosive disorder could explain any child who has bipolar disorder!

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