by laura
(canton oh)

I have an 8 year old boy named Micah. As a baby Micah was incredibly sweet, and loving. He was a "perfect child" He was smart beyond his years, could read form 4th grade readers at age 5.Around age 3, Micah began having some issues in preschool where he would climb up on the book shelves or hide under tables.

I figured "he's 3..." And did not really think much of it. By the time he was 5, he had been kicked out of 4 daycare s for repeatedly assaulting staff members.Diagnosed with ADHD. I home schooled him in kindergarten. I placed in in a Montessori school in first grade he did well academically, but would physically assault the teachers and students, run from them, throw furniture.. he was then diagnosed with ODD. By age 7 he was diagnosed "ADHD, conduct disorder, mood disorder otherwise unspecified" I was told that they would not diagnose the mood disorder at his age.was placed in a class for severe behavior, where they are trained to restrain him now has has an IEP.

I have had to cut back to working weekends only due to daily calls from the school, frequent Dr visits,counseling 3 days a week, no day cares that will accept him....so it has been a financial drain as well. We are pending a disability case.

At home it is unbearable. generally, when I ask him to get his homework done, bath, brush teeth, etc... I am faced with a blowout lasting hours. He will topple over the furniture puch holes in

walls, throw the drawers from his dresser. Jump on my computer desk, slam my key board. Physically hurt me.

This goes on for hours. Sometimes resulting in police being called. Then after 3 or 4 hours. As quickly as he began he will crawl up on the couch with me and its all love...as if the past 4 hours never happened. My house ripped to shreds daily within an hour of him being home. I am mentally burnt out and barely able to get through each day. He has also threatened to kill himself and family. His room no matter how often we clean it... is just horrible.

We had to remove the door, and all locks from the doors in our home fearing he would lock himself in or us in or out...Everything little thing sets him off, we have to walk on eggshells as not to trigger him. He has been on stimulants that sent him into even more powerful rages, then strattera, which at first seemed to help some... but the longer he has been on it..he has begun to regress.

Last week, my sister was diagnosed with bipolar, and I found out my grandmother had it, lights began flahing in my head...I go to the doctors today and will demand that he be tested for bipolar or I will go to another dr. I KNOW my child has bipolar. I feel like so much time has been wasted and he has lost so much of his childhood, Our family has been ripped apart,due to a wrong diagnosis.

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Apr 16, 2009
I'm scared too
by: deb

I am so sorry for your family. It's like no one is listening when we know that there is something wrong with our child, or grandchild in my case. My grandson is nearly 3 and my son has had full custody of him since he was 6 mo old. The reason he was given full custody is because the baby's mother was put in prison for trying to kill him and my son. She did all kinds of drugs while pregnant with kyler, she is also bi-polar and taking the drugs to only made her behavior worse. Now I and my son are seeing evidence of bi-polar signs in kyler. Plus the fact of what the drugs did to him in the womb. We don't know what to expect next. He is in trouble at day care everyday. We are concerned what will happen in the future if he is already acting out in day care. I do daily research trying to get him help. I had a nervous breakdown after , kyler's mother tried to murder him and my son. But, We are determined to keep trying to find help for kyler. Every day is becoming quite a battle and sleeping all night is just not going to happen, because of all the worry we go thru over kyler's problem. I don't understand how a mother could take chances with drugs and an unborn child. and then try to kill her own baby. I am just sick about it. My prayers, and thoughts are with you and your family and I'm sorry if I ranted to much about the problems we are facing I guess I just needed tp vent to someone going thru the same thing as we are. Keep searching there has got to be help out there some where. God Bless

Apr 07, 2009
update on Micah
by: Anonymous

At his dr appointment they still refused to diagnose him, they also are set against mood altering drugs because of the effects it has on the body. They said if I absolutely insist they will do it, but they are not comfortable with the drugs for a child his age.So he remains on strattera. His behavior is bizarre at times, very young for his age other times violent, then he can be so sweet and loving. I know its gonna take some time to get him the help he needs, hopefully when he gets his court date for his disability case, I can afford some better therapy for him. I have a few thing in mind but they are not under our insurance and cost quite a bit more than we can afford right now. So its kind of wait and see right now..

Apr 07, 2009
by: Anonymous

We had a similar situation to the point where we had to place our daughter in a theuraputic home after 7 months she came home and now things are really bad again. No DR. suggested medication at the time! Now she in on Verapril and she is better but we are not there yet. When they are children you can not get a clear diagnosis of bi-polar this comes out more in late teens and adults. What doctors do now is medicate according to the symptoms. Clearly, this has shown up in other members of your family and is a good possibility. Also, he needs a mood altering medication. He will not learn, behave properly or treat you well without some drug intervention. Also no one will have him in their school unless he is medicated. this is for his own good. You need to be his advocate and do whatever you have to do see 10 doctors if that is necessary but this child is in desperate need of medication. With my daughter they wanted to put her back into the home. We wanted to go the medication route and if she was in place before going to the home she may not have had to go in the first place. Good luck and best wishes.

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