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Jul 07, 2018
Any updates? NEW
by: Kristina

Hello -

Do any of you have any updates on the original post or the comments(commenters)? I obviously found this page, as I am experiencing the same with my nearly 3 year old daughter. I could have very easily written the original post, word for word. Any updates or diagnosis information would be extremely helpful. Thank you!

Nov 10, 2011
This is soooo crazy why won't anyone HELP us!! NEW
by: Anonymous

I have read two stories so far and it sounds so familiar that I broke into tears hearing that I'm not the only mother suffering like this. My son is 4&1/2 and I finally couldnt take living this way anymore and went to the pediatrician while he was in middle of one of his worst tantrums which are occurring more and more now probably 20 a day and demanded help . She got to see it first hand and finally believed he isn't just ADHD and sent us to a mental hospital for assessment and they said if he was any older they would admit him it's so bad but since he is four they will trust me to keep him till next Thursday when they got him in to psych apt. She also put him on risperdone to help settle the rages till we get in to psychiatrist but so far it hasn't done much but make him a little tired and itchy. I can't believe how society has been to us though I am literally seconds away from having a nervous break down or ending my life having to go through this and having everyone turn their back on me. It destroyed any relationship I ever had destroyed my health lost my job all because of the exhausting role I play in his life. And even more complicated is that his dad my ex-husband is bipolar himself and is fighting my son getting the help he needs every step of the way! And he thinks because my son holds it in and acts fine according to him while he has him for two days every other weekend that he's normal and fine and that the problem is with me. My question is this Why do they only do this with their primary caregiver or at home and how do we deal with that and show people that we are not idiots we have tried everything and nothing works and that it would not work for them either if they were in our role? I'm terrified that my son will be given to his dad who is a domestic abuser and I will lose the residential custody I have now. School says my son is just really quiet but that's because as soon as he feels his stuck somewhere he shuts down and takes it out on us when he gets back. Please if anyone has more answers let me know....

May 03, 2010
by: shay

OMG my almost 2yr old does the same thing but she doesnt have but a few words that she can say so she doesn't scream any words just screams and almost noone believes me bc she only does this a home. Until yesterday that is, we were at a friends daughters party and she did it. Everyone just looked at me like what is wrong with her and i just explained that I have no idea and she does this almost daily. I dont know what to do. Someone suggested that i ask for a brain mri and i want to do that but i feel crazy asking for one. I know that there is definitely something going on. I have a lot of mental disorders in my family and I have always suspected bipolar. The first time she did this was the day of her 1yr checkup after her shots and she bit me so hard that is actually just sat in the room and cried for a few minutes. I still had bite marks on my shoulder when i went to bed that night and appointment was around lunch time. thats just how hard she bit me. She hits her head, scratches, kicks, hits, pinches herself and me too. she gets worse when i talk to her and touch her. i just try to keep her safe and let her lay on the floor where i can see her and keep her away from anything she can hurt herself with. she puts her fist in her mouth and chokes herself and pulls her hair to. then later after she is done she wants me to hold her and acts like she is happy and like nothing ever happened. she is a happy baby except when this is going on.

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