Lexapro and Pregnancy


I was on lexapro wile pregnant with my daughter, she is 18 months and she still does not sleep thru the night wakes up 2-3 times with loud crying and than during the day appears very irritable and moody...our pediatrician sees her like a normal 18 month old and blames it on the terrible twos but I'm not convinced...is it possible that wile I was taking the medication affected the baby and now she might have a some kind of disorder?

I'm not asking like a guilt full mother but a concerned one...Thank You


From what I can determine from doing research on this area, the decision to take medication is a very personal one.

There is very good research that suggests infants of mothers who are suffering from depression in pregnancy and after pregnancy have a whole array of difficulties. What I mean is, if you have depression when you are pregnant, then there is risk to your child.

Doctors often suggest that this evidence is more compelling then the evidence against antidepressant use during pregnancy.

The safety of lexapro, or escitalopram, has not been established. When Doctor's make the determination to use this or continue it ( if you are already on it)it should be weighed against the possible risk.

So the answer is essentially we don't know, however, I can't uncover any research that would specifically account for what you are seeing.

I am more concerned with why you have concerns about your infant and your Dr. doesn't.

If you feel there is something wrong with your child, I would seek a second opinion. Although we are not doctors, on some level we have to trust our instincts. Also from many years of experience, I can tell you Dr.s are not always right.

I would be clear about your description of symptoms and take your child in for a second option.

Good luck

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