Is my daughter okay?

by Daeya
(Toronto, Ontario, Canada)

My daughter is 3yrs old and extremely hyper, uncooperative, has a constant need to touch, is defiant and emotional. At times I am so exhausted I want to cry!

She is also very fun, smart, talkative, affectionate and loving.

I have thought many times could she be ADHD? Or is this just normal behavior at her age?

She had a short episode of night terrors (couple of months) and she's been okay.

She went to a sitter for 6 weeks while I was at work and she became very aggressive and more hyper during that time. Once she was removed my mother in-law began watching her and she would have these fits of rage from time to time. She also does not like change.

She is a loving child who we feel is advanced in so many ways but we are so confused as to what could be the issue or if there is one to begin with? She is in a loving and stimulating home and at times she seems so angry.

I would greatly appreciate some feedback if you have any.

Hi Daeya:

Although your daughter is three, I think it is appropriate for you to start talking with her about feelings. Expressing them around her and using feelings words can really help her to communicate more in words than through behavior. I would encourage you to ask about her moods and feelings. Also, I would consider taking her to a play therapist. Play is a medium that helps children express their feelings and the therapist can serve as a vehicle to help you interpret and understand what’s going on. I’m not sure what these behaviors you are reporting are due to, but this would be a step in the right direction.

Good luck

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