Is my 4 Year Old Possibly Bipolar?

by chrissy

I have a 4 year old who is constantly throwing tantrums, when he was younger he would actually bang his head on the floor causing a big red bump on his head.

He breaks his toys and my valuables. He touches things he is not suppose to, even dangerous things such as poison, hot pots on the stove, etc.

He yells all day long and in the car like someone is murdering him.

He does not like to stay still for to long, the longest he stays still is when a show is on he likes but as soon as it goes off or on commercial he is up and doing something wrong.

He recently started peeing on the floor a few months ago, even when the bathroom is right there. We have 5 bathrooms in our home so he is always around one and there is always one empty.

He hurts animals and people. He constantly hits people and throws things at them and with the animals he has thrown them down the steps, hit them with a shovel and hit my pregnant cat in the stomach.

I am at wits end. The reason I believe he may be bipolar is because I found out when I was 16 that I may be bipolar but never went to actually be diagnosed because I have no insurance. I am 21 now and still have yet to make it to a doctor about it. I was told by my son’s doctor whom was also my doctor as a kid that I may be bipolar.

Hi Chrissy:
Certainly these behaviors you are reporting raise a serious concern. It sounds as if he feels a lot of anger, frustration or pain, and is somehow trying to express that to everyone around him. Where that anger is coming from is the question. Children with physical illness, attachment issues, sensory problems and who are victims of abuse all may engage in some of these behaviors. Also autism would be something to explore. Hurting animals and people clearly is distressing as well. I think you need to get your child a thorough psychological evaluation, and then based on that evaluation seek some therapy.

Good luck


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